December 16, 2014

Benjamin Franklin once said, “In this world, nothing is certain but death and taxes.” With careful planning, foresight and hard work, we can accomplish many things in life. However, life is unpredictable and misfortune may strike when we least expect it. If we’re not prepared for these unforeseen events, it can be a major setback to our loved ones.

Being prepared financially will help to give you and your family peace of mind, making sure that your loved ones can continue to enjoy a high quality of life when you are no longer around with them.

With ManuSignature Term, you can get high protection coverage at affordable premiums. This regular premium term insurance plan is designed to provide financial security with a sum insured of S$1 million and above in the event of death and terminal illness. Developed by Manulife Singapore, ManuSignature Term is part of the ManuSignature series, which offers solutions to cater to the varied financial needs of high net worth individuals.

Protecting your loved ones with ManuSignature Term

Mr Chan, age 40, is a successful business executive who is well established in his career. However, as the sole breadwinner, he worries about his family’s well-being should something happen to him. To protect his family and for his own peace of mind, he decides to enhance his existing insurance coverage.

Mr Chan purchases a ManuSignature Term policy, with a Total and Permanent Disability rider, for a sum insured of S$2 million and a policy term of 20 years. As a non-smoker with excellent health, he is eligible for the preferred life premium rate, which works out to a premium amount of S$2,830. If anything untoward happens to Mr Chan during the policy term, the benefit of S$2 million will come in handy to support his family.

With ManuSignature Term’s conversion privilege, Mr Chan also has the option to convert his policy to any regular premium life insurance plan offered by Manulife before he turns 65, regardless of his health conditions. Furthermore, as he has chosen a policy term that is more than 11 years, his premiums will remain unchanged until the end of the policy term, allowing him to better plan his finances ahead.

For those who are smokers, ManuSignature Term features a unique incentive known as the Quit Smoking Incentive (QSI). Smokers will enjoy non-smoker premium rates during the first three policy years and can continue to enjoy these rates if they provide satisfactory evidence to Manulife that they have quit smoking.

There is no telling when misfortunes may strike, but ManuSignature Term gives you assurance that you are prepared for the unexpected. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that this simple decision can help you keep your family well-protected. 

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