December 16, 2019

Influential Brands has launched two new platforms: BrandAsia, a publication that covers different subjects from entrepreneurship, innovation, technology, human capital to brand strategy, and BrandzBeat, an online channel that aims to feature some of the most fascinating brand stories. 

In the first edition of BrandAsia, some of the executives that have contributed include Rosaline Chow (CXA Group Founder and CEO), Varun Bhatia (AirAsia Chief of People and Culture), Joel Neoh (Fave Co-Founder), James Chang (Lazada Singapore, CEO). While some of the brands being featured are Raffles Hotel, Pernod Ricard, Shiseido, Chow Tai Fook, Pokka, Bentley among others. The publication will be distributed in both digital and print and it will be released in January 2020 across Asia.

Here are some executive viewpoints from the first edition:

Rosaline Chow Koo, CXA Group Founder and CEO: “If I were to pick one quality of a business leaders in the digital age, it would be the ability to see the future ahead of everyone else, and somehow be able to channel all you got, rally the people behind you, and get there first. This is specially true for a tech startup, and this is the only way you can survive”.

Joel Neoh, Fave Co-Founder: “Starting a business and running it at scale are two different challenges that require a different set of skills and perspectives. Founders have to invest time and resources to upskill and acquire new knowledge, otherwise they risk falling behind in their role as business leaders.”

James Chang, Lazada Singapore CEO: “The world is changing, our customers are changing, and the competitive landscape is changing. Whether you change yourself or create change, both are essential to the success of an organization. Embracing change is the most unique part of our DNA. We believe that technology, logistics, and payment innovations fuel the most powerful e-commerce ecosystem in Southeast Asia.”

Mr Jorge Rodriguez, Managing Director of Influential Brands said, “As we celebrate business excellence in Asia, we are also reminded of our responsibility to build platforms for knowledge sharing and we believe that sharing viewpoints of business leaders in BrandAsia coupled with video brand features at BrandzBeat will provide an insightful read and meaningful content for business leaders, influencers, decision-makers and customers across Asia.”