October 8, 2020

Habitap, Asia’s first fully integrated property management solution, has announced its latest offering, Tap Residential. With intuitive and seamless controls for smart home devices, community management, and serving as a gateway for lifestyle offerings, Tap Residential brings modern living to users at an affordable price point.

The new option retains the same core functionality that users have come to enjoy from the award-winning Habitap app.

Tap Residential will make luxury smart living accessible to more people and residential developments and rounds out Habitap’s product offering. Habitap has extracted the most used and popular features from its flagship app to offer a “lite” version with an attractive pricing structure that is one-fifth of its premium offering. Tap Residential’s feature-rich, low maintenance solution can be easily installed in all homes, making it a compelling option for new and completed condominium developments.

Franklin Tang, CEO of Habitat, said, “Habitap remains our fully featured premium flagship offering for power users that want leading-edge technology like Artificial Intelligence capabilities, dedicated community management, and personalization app features. With Tap Residential, we are bringing the essential features of modern luxury living and making it available to more homes with a competitively priced entry-level option allowing more people to plug into the future of living.”

Habitap’s smart living platform had previously been available only for new build condominiums due to the need to integrate its features and hardware into the development. With Tap Residential, even older, completed condominium projects can be upgraded to have the convenience of a smart home with minimal installation required.

“Habitap is always looking to constantly innovate and set the standard for smart homes. We wanted the segment of residents who are already living in condominiums to be able to connect to our market-leading Habitap ecosystem and enjoy the benefits of smart home living,” said Mr Tang. “Tap Residential has already been installed in older condos and, judging from the interest we have received from many condo MCSTs, home-owners are keen to move to a future of convenient and smart living.”

Experience modern luxury living enabled by smart technology. Tap Residential allows seamless pairing of Internet-of-Things (IoT) and smart devices conveniently controlled within a single app platform. With scene controls, you can easily configure profiles that fit your lifestyle. Whether you are lighting your study with cooler lights for optimal productivity or shifting your lights to warmer temperatures at the end to the day to relax and wind down.

Tap Residential also makes facilities booking and visitor management easy with real-time updates so that residents and staff are always kept informed. Smart letter boxes ensure important mail is secure and easily accessible without the hassle of keys. Habitap’s carefully curated lineup of lifestyle offerings and services will be available to users of Tap Residential and allow them to enjoy exclusive deals.

Other key features include Smart Controls, Smart Community and Smart Lifestyle.

Homeowners can control all smart products and appliances in their homes with Tap’s Smart Controls. They will be able to remotely open their main doors and switch on the air-conditioning units from anywhere at any time. Compatible smart products include smart cameras, sensors, lighting, sounds systems and more. Users can control up to 10 devices and configure scene controls for different moods and occasions. Access common areas quickly and securely with QR code scanners.

The Smart Community feature allows residents to book condominium facilities and manage their guest list. Newly added features allow users to view and grant guest access via a smart intercom, submit feedback conveniently and make payments through a convenient PayNow payment feature.

Residents can enjoy access to Tap-organised community events, and receive information on a wide range of promotions and deals that caters to their modern lifestyle.