October 28, 2020

The exclusive collaboration between Steve Leung Designers and Sanlorenzo has brought a new take on the luxury yacht industry, infusing each project with a unique Asia-inspired design reflecting the distinctive personalities and needs of each owner. “Yacht design has long been dominated by a Western lifestyle approach, which is very different from the way we live in Asia, especially in China,” explains Steve. A keen yachtsman himself, Steve and his design team integrated their unrivalled expertise in premier residential design to create contemporary, functional and human-oriented spaces customized to Asian lifestyle preferences, perfectly combining top-notch quality and sophisticated comfort with a profound understanding of customer’s behaviour.

Following the first successful collaboration in 2016 for Sanlorenzo SL106, Steve Leung and Sanlorenzo identified a great potential in the fast-evolving Asia yacht market, expanding their partnership to include the interior design for the crossover SX (Sport Explorer) range, that envisions freedom and exploration as new lifestyle concepts on the sea, with a particularly strong appeal to the younger generation of yacht owners.

Reinterpreting the design for the SX88—among the most promising yachts of SX line, Steve shaped a deluxe floating villa by skilfully maximising the space to fully emphasise its functionality. Crafted with an innovative open-plan layout, the main salon is encompassed into one generous open space as the main social hub that seamlessly connects indoor and outdoor through floor-to-ceiling glass walls and subtle sliding doors. The outdoor deck features a generous flybridge, equipped with top-notch BBQ facilities; the indoor encompasses instead a refined dining area characterised by a round table – subtly recalling a more traditional Chinese-style dining, and an impressive living area with foldable TV screens—a prelude to fun nights of games and karaoke. The design is perfectly suited to today’s Asian owners, inclined to utilise their yachts for family gatherings and social entertainment.

Two interior design schemes with personalised design applications are available to curate a superlative on-board experience within the environs of a luxury floating home. A peaceful feel exudes from the “Breeze Zen” scheme, defined by a refined colour palette accentuated by bursts of serene earthy, blue and emerald green tones. “Vermilion” strongly reflects oriental culture through its dynamic colour selection, where soothing cream and beige shades with the sheer flamboyance of its interiors subtly invite guests to enjoy a more daring atmosphere.

Believing that “design has the power to break boundaries,” Steve’s design mirrors his ambition to create a quality lifestyle approach catering to different segments of audience, expressed through exciting cross-disciplinary collaborations and a diversified portfolio encompassing architecture, interior, product and yacht design. Steve and his design team will continue to contribute their rich expertise to Sanlorenzo’s yacht ranges through their unique “design to measure” style.