June 22, 2018

Ranked as the 10th largest internet company in the world, Netflix has emerged as the leading streaming platform offering users the luxury of watching reruns of their favourite TV shows, movies, and documentaries at their very own comfort and convenience. Instead of only providing streaming services for other networks like it used to, Netflix has started to produce their own content, making them a global entertainment powerhouse. If you wanna know what shows are worth binge-watching, here are 5 original series that will make staying in more appealing than ever.

Black Mirror

A British sci-fi anthology series created by Charlie Brooker, Black Mirror explores a twisted, high-tech near-future where humanity’s greatest innovations and darkest instincts collide. Each episode offers a unique plot that centres around diverse themes ranging from satire to technology, and even romance, instilling viewers with a brand new perception of the world we live in. Season 3, episode 1 is one of my personal favourites, as the plot features a world where people are obsessed over a 5-point average rating scale and are treated by society based on their scores. A classic social satire on modern-day addiction as well as the need for social media validation, this might be a preview of what is to come for humanity.

Orange is the New Black

Based on Piper Kerman’s real-life experiences at FCI Danbury, Netflix’s most-watched original series, Orange is the New Black follows the life of a privileged New Yorker, who lives in a women’s prison where she has to learn to survive. This Emmy Award-winning series is humorous and manages to infuse poignancy by humanising inmates through the sharing of their stories and challenges that they face.

Stranger Things

A three-time winner at the recent MTV Movie & TV Awards 2018, this sci-fi/horror series transports viewers back to the nostalgic 1980s and into the topsy-turvy, fictionist town of Hawkins, Indiana. After the disappearance of a young boy named Will Byres, his group of friends set out to find him, only to unravel sinister secrets involving secret experiments, terrifying supernatural forces and a girl with psychokinetic abilities.

Dear White People

A well-paced adaptation from the 2014 film with the same name, Dear White People is written and directed by Justin Simien. This satirical comedy-drama series sheds a light on the issue of racism in America as it follows a group of black students who experience cultural bias, social injustice, misguided activism and get entangled in slippery politics at a predominantly white Ivy League school. In many aspects, this series is timely and holds relevance in our modern society.


After a money laundering scheme gone wrong, financial planner Marty Byrde uproots his entire family from Chicago to a summer resort community in the Missouri Ozarks where he once again becomes involved with local criminals. To ensure the safety of his family, Marty must appease the Mexican drug lord and pay off his hefty debt. A series with a propulsive plot grounded in dark reality, characters often find themselves in violent and tricky situations.