December 15, 2017

If Instagram stalking was a crime, I would be guilty as charged. Once upon a time, I was a social scroller, the kind that turns to Instagram during large family gatherings when there is too much ongoing chatter. Fast forward to the day, my casual browsing has brought me to Hanli Hoefer‘s Instagram feed—a collection of OOTDs (outfit of the day), celebrities that she meets on the job, drool-worthy meals, and the occasional giveaway that is up for grabs—an enviable life where no two days are the same. 

For those who are not on Instagram, you might have seen her interviewing your favourite stars like The Foo Fighters and Wang Lee Hom as an MTV VJ, or heard her on the radio as a Power 98FM DJ, or caught a trailer of her upcoming police drama on TV. The tireless Hanli may be juggling multiple roles but like her favourite season, summer, she is always warm, fun and full of energy. Debuting as a model before entering the MTV scene in 2013, Hanli has developed a versatile portfolio, and she shares her thoughts on what it is like working in the Entertainment industry, her love for travel and what Christmas means to her.

On working as a VJ

Few things I like about my job: listening and talking about music. I also enjoy meeting interesting people and having a first-hand experience at all the music events. People get the misconception that the job is glamorous, easy, and all we have to do is to attend festivals and parties, but they don’t see that there are work issues too. Sometimes it’s hard to keep the subject on track especially when you are interviewing a group and oftentimes we don’t get a lot of time with each artist, so I need to squeeze in as much questions I can.

I have met quite a fair bit of artists, but I feel that the older generation leave a deeper impression than the younger ones. They carry with them a sense of calmness, confidence, and are always the most well mannered. The Foo Fighters were awesome. Take That and Armin van Buuren were such gentlemen!

 For the aspiring VJs

There are a few factors to get people to really warm up to you. First, you have to know who you are talking to, so make sure you do your research. Respond genuinely and try to establish a connection with the interviewee. People recognise sincerity, so be yourself—it turns an interview into a conversation, which I feel are the best kinds of interviews. And always practice presenting! Watch your favourite hosts and find the space between the lines to add in your own personality.

On celebrities sighting

The first artist I interviewed was Rita Ora in 2013 at the Future Festival in Malaysia. I was incredibly nervous especially with all the cameras, but Rita Ora was such a sweet person, which helped to calm my nerves. Nowadays, I don’t get starstruck as much as I used to. I guess it is because in general, with the rise of social media, celebrities are becoming more “accessible”? When I meet them in person, they are almost exactly what I had expected. That being said, I got starstruck when I met G-Dragon. He’s such a mega star! How could I not?

On becoming Rihanna

If I could be anyone for a day, it will be Rihanna. She is the epitome of a modern woman. She exudes confidence in everything she does plus there is nothing she can’t do! This year, she launched Fenty Beauty, her make-up line and I believe she’s just an all-around badass. 

Silver skirts date silver sneakers. #sneakersalways #lulusloungesg #iggyazaleastevemadden

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On Music

I like alternative soul, R&B and jazz. Here are some of my recommendations: Dream Girl by Ivy Sole, Little Dragon by Peace of Mind (feat. Faith Evans), and Majesty’s Chronixx.

  •  Lotus Eater – Mura Masa: Gets me psyched up
  •  This Feeling – Alabama Shakes: I listen to when I am down
  • Wild Thoughts – Rihanna, DJ Khaled, Bryson Tiller: A must-play at a party
  • What They Do – The Roots: I subconsciously hum to

On Days Off

I am either at home in front of the TV watching Riverdale on Netflix, or chilling on a sunbed, or at my friend’s house, or on my parents’ couch. If I am in an active mood, I will go somewhere dog-friendly and spend time outdoors. But then again, these days I don’t go out a lot. I am quite a hermit.

On Love

I met my boyfriend of 4 years, Scott, through friends and we got along instantly. We really appreciate the time we spend together since we are both busy and independent individuals. When we do have time for a date, we just let loose and giggle a lot. We are very giving people. There was a time when we went on a holiday in Bali, and I found a pair of heels in the most random shop. They didn’t have my size so I just left feeling defeated. Scott found the manufacturer and got my size delivered to Singapore, so when I got home, it was a pleasant surprise. For Scott’s birthday, I always go all out—last year, I planned something called “Scott’s Day”, which was a grown-up version of your classic elementary school “Sports Day”. We played all the usual games, but with alcohol involved.

I believe that in any relationship, you have to live your own life first. Be honest with yourself and you will be honest with the other party.


Happy to be back in Singapore but I am missing the cold weather and winter fashion. ? #londonmornings #piccadilly


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On Travelling

I love London for the fashion, culture, and that classic London vibe you find at every corner. I also have the best memories there with my family and friends, so every time I go back it feels like I’m returning to my second home. Last December, I was in Turkey with my boyfriend. We explored Cappadocia when it was blanketed in snow and it was so beautiful. Since it was low season, there were barely any other tourists and it felt like we had the whole place to ourselves! I have been to Ladakh in India, but I would love to explore other places like Rajasthan, Goa and Bombay.

A travel tip? Always bring a scarf. It is very versatile. It can keep you warm and dry. You can also wear it as a sarong or a head wrap if you feel the need to dress up. It doubles up as a picnic mat too.

On Christmas

Usually, my Christmas is rather subdued. This year, I plan to have a small quaint dinner with my family and friends. I remember one Christmas when the whole family went skiing in Switzerland—that was really memorable especially since I am half-German and I don’t get to see my European family often. As for presents, I really take into consideration the person that I am shopping for and make sure that it is something they would like. I put a lot of emphasis on handwritten cards and beautiful wrapping paper.

On the future

I plan to keep doing what I’m doing right now. I achieved the goals that I had set for myself this year, so in 2018, I plan to take it easy and chill out a bit more.

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