October 21, 2018

In its heyday, street art was mostly an underground movement to raise political or social awareness by making a visual statement. The popularity of street art could be attributed to the New York City graffiti boom, as artists used subway cars as an outlet to express themselves. While many tend to label it as vandalism, street art continued to pervade subculture, resulting in the creation of other media forms such as sticker art, woodblocking and street installations. Over time, the movement gave birth to an exciting arts scene that was no longer exclusively linked to underground movements or traditional graffiti.

The legality of street art has always been a contentious debate. While it’s still illegal in most major cities, these days, street art is no longer frowned upon and it’s common for artists to be commissioned to paint large murals, walls and even buildings. If you find looking at art in museums too stuffy, here are 5 hottest street artists around the globe who have gained popularity for their own artistic expression.

Greg Mike

Starting at a tender age of 13, Greg Mike has pretty much been a street artist his whole life. His works are colourful and brash, personified by the Loudmouf Icon which came to define his style. Despite being a veteran in the scene, he still shows no signs of slowing down, and just recently held his first solo exhibition on 19th October 2018.


An enigmatic figure in the arts scene, Banksy is no stranger to the spotlight and controversy. His latest shenanigan involved shredding his painting after it was sold at a record price in a Sotheby’s auction. Anti-capitalist messages are a recurring theme among his body of work and ironically, this fiasco has led to the value of said painting to skyrocket. After sending the art world into a frenzy, we can expect to see more of Banksy’s subverting tactics.


It’s not common to see women in the street art scene, much less an artist who spreads feminist messages through her art. Hyuro’s works are deeply rooted in her role as a woman, mother and wife. Her paintings often exude a sense of loneliness, but at the same time, her characters seem to reflect the strength to overcome adversity. Driven by her life experiences, Hyuro’s works are warm and relatable.


Street-Art-Mentalgassi Art
Mentalgassi’s works are a combination of photo manipulation, unconventional perspectives and a little bit of humour. A trio of young artists hailing from Berlin, Mentalgassi made a name for themselves in the scene by incorporating new media techniques and applying them to three-dimensional objects. Their goal is to make people smile through their quirky artwork.

Titi Freak

Hamilton Yokota (Titi Freak) is a Brazil-based artist with Japanese ancestry. With his cultural background, his style often fuses Japanese iconography such as the koi fish with western influences. Not one to shy away from utilising bright colours, it’s easy to spot the cultural influences in his work.

Image Credits: Mentalgassi, Hyuro, Greg Mike