September 15, 2017

Since her 1999 Grammy award-winning hit, “I Try”, Macy Gray’s been on the music radar for nearly two decades now. Through the stratospheric highs and tumultuous times of this period, the maverick has constantly evaded typecasting, both as a performer—her music work ranges from pop to soul and jazz, on top of a fair bit of television and movie acting—and an individual. Monosyllabic or silent replies (where she fell asleep hidden behind dark sunglasses) earned Gray notoriety for being difficult to interview, a diva-like reputation cemented by an infamous row with Lord Snowdon on a Vogue photoshoot.

Yet, she has always worn her heart on her sleeve when it comes to music. From plaintive titles (“The Trouble with Being Myself”, “Gimme All Your Lovin’ Or I Will Kill You”) and hauntingly artless lyrics on love, heartbreak, memory and regret, perhaps the best way to get to know Gray is through her songs. We ask the artiste beloved for her unique sound—an arrestingly emotive throaty whine, and soulful live performances, a few quick questions that riff off her song titles and snappy word association.


Something mindful that I Try to do on a daily basis is be happy.

The hardest thing about Forgiveness is being vulnerable.

In my lowest moments, What I Gotta Do to feel better is to go into the studio and write an amazing song.

Strange Behavior that I am guilty of is being shy.

The first Real Love that I ever experienced was the birth of my first child.

Something that was always a part of My Fondest Childhood Memories is listening to old records around the house.

Music & art are a constant reminder that there is Beauty in the World.

Nothing Else Matters when I’m in the studio or on stage playing live.

If I were Jesus for a Day the first thing I would change is to get rid of Donald Trump.

The first word(s) that come(s) to mind:

Poker: Bluff

F1: Major

Singapore: Excited

Travel: Love it

Stories: Songs

Music: Can’t live without it

Art: Inspiration

Voice: Different

God: Yes

Singing: Outlet

Love: Definitely

Sex: Amazing

Happiness: My kids

Beauty: Forever

Success: Nothing like it

Wealth: Why not

Responsibility: Growing pains

Age: Young

Child: Three

Father:  Missed



Catch Macy Gray live this Sunday, 17 September, The Podium Lounge at the Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore—Grand Ballroom. Tickets here.