March 16, 2017

Food is ubiquitous in Singapore, and it’s easy to identify the popular haunts from local hawker fare to Michelin establishments. However, there is a quirkier side when it comes to unique cuisines on our sunny shores and if you’re unsure what we mean, let us take your palette and tummies on an adventure, if you dare. Here are some places to try unusual foods.


Imperial Herbal Restaurant

Serving up healthy Chinese cuisine worthy of an emperor for nearly three decades, this restaurant is known for infusing their dishes with exotic ingredients for health benefits. Cooking methods grounded in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) has in the past spawned dishes like crab cake garnished with fried scorpion and ants. And more recently, braised crocodile tail and deer penis soup with seahorse which is supposedly good for asthma and libido respectively. As flavourful as they are beneficial for the body, the chef’s creations are definitely an unusual treat.

Fuku Fine Fugu Kaiseki Restaurant

Specialising in the art of fugu (pufferfish) preparation, Fuku is for those who like this delicacy with variety. Their signature Torafugu (the king of fugu) is served either raw, grilled, deep fried in seasoning or cooked in shabu-shabu. Alternatively, opt for any of their courses and you will get a side of Fugu Japanese Style Porridge. With a highly skilled and entirely Japanese culinary team led by the only licensed fugu chef here, this is the only restaurant in Singapore that caters to your ultimate pufferfish dining experience.


Boomarang Bistro and Bar

As its name implies, this is the go-to place to get your fix of Australian fare, especially if you’re a fan of kangaroo meat. Aside from their peppered kangaroo loin with mashed sweet potato, they also have peppered kangaroo pizza and kangaroo slider for those just looking to snack. If you prefer something heavier, their kangaroo burger is a pure delight with its succulent 180g patty in between two pieces of multi-seed bread, complete with a side of wedges and bbq sauce.

Haji M Abdul Razak Stall

If explosive spices and peculiar animal anatomy are your cup of tea, then a visit to this hawker stall is a must. Though famous for their mutton soup, they’re more noted for the sheep parts that go into them—think along the lines of brain and tongue. Also on their menu is lamb hooves which are like bone marrow but served in smaller portions. The broth has a base of herbs, spices and lamb bones, which captures an authentic Arabic fragrance and taste.


Image credits: Imperial Herbal Restaurant, Fuku Fine Fugu Kaiseki Restaurant & Boomarang Bistro and Bar