April 4, 2018

Sometimes we forget that life is all about having fun. So if you are looking to escape from the ordinary and embark on an endless adventure, here is a list of life-changing experiences that will leave an indelible mark. Besides, we only live once, right?

Devil’s Pool, Zambia

Activities-Not-For-The-Faint-Hearted-Art-2Source: Wikimedia

If you are someone who enjoys living life on the edge literally, taking a swim in the Devil’s Pool at Zambia during its dry seasons may just be the perfect activity for you. The Devil’s Pool, also known as the world’s ultimate and natural infinity pool, pushes visitors to the furthest point of the edge, enabling them to lean over Victoria Falls with only a slippery submerged piece of rock that prevents them from falling off the world’s largest waterfall of 338 metres. Visitors who are willing to take the risks will be rewarded with the most spectacular swim of their lives as an unparalleled panoramic view from up above awaits them.

Nevis Swing, New Zealand

The Nevis Swing isn’t your typical kind of swing that you used to—it is actually the world’s biggest swing measuring up to a whopping 300-metre arc and 160 meters above canyon ground. This massive-sized attraction is Queenstown, New Zealand’s latest adrenaline rushing innovation that promises to give thrill-seekers a whole new level of excitement. One moment, participants are suspended high above the valley ground, the next, they are accelerating through the valley at 120km/hr as they try to catch a glimpse of the beautiful mountainous landscape mid-air. To make the experience even more memorable, participants are allowed to share this experience with a loved one by their side and they get to choose the direction of their swing: forward, backwards or even upside-down.

Cage of Death, Australia

As the name suggests, The Cage of Death is a 15-minute death-defying experience as visitors become bait for some of the world’s most dangerous creatures—the infamous saltwater crocodiles. First, you will be suspended in a cage over these massive 16 feet long reptiles before being lowered into the pen. On-site crocodile handlers will also be feeding the creatures at regular intervals, creating a frenzy of movement to stimulate interaction. Although terrifying, The Cage of Death allows you to witness these predators at an unimaginably close distance.

Ai-Petre Bridges, Crimea

Activities-Not-For-The-Faint-Hearted-Art-1Source: Pinterest

If you are one of the many that have dreamt of walking amongst the clouds, the Ai-Petre Bridges may just be the ticket you need to unlock that achievement. Ai-Petre, which translates to St Peter in Greek, is located at the peak of the Crimean Mountains, one of the foggiest and windiest places in Crimea, with winds that blow up to 100 miles per hour for 125 days a year. Once you can overcome the challenging elements and sally forth toward the wobbly, wood stale cable bridges built right beneath the clouds, breathtaking sights of the cities of Yalta and Alumka, as well as the Black Sea that fill the surroundings await you. Anyone who embarks on this spectacular expedition will definitely feel on cloud nine.

Volcano Bungee, Chile

Bungee jumping has periodically been one of the mandatory activities that adrenaline junkies partake in. However, if you are someone who feels that leaping off from an incredibly high point, while being secured by just a rubber band tied around your ankles is still too mild for you, try diving into an active Villarrica Volcano in Chile. For those who are brave enough to take the plunge, a helicopter will fly you into a volcanic crater, where a 350 feet bungee cord will drop you inches away from the boiling red-hot molten lava. On the return journey, brave souls are suspended 350 feet below a helicopter, over Chile’s picturesque natural landscape.