March 28, 2018

Tokyo! London! Maldives! Bangkok! Paris! We’ve all seen or heard the names of these familiar travel destinations countless times, whether scrolling through our Instagram feeds or in between conversations with friends and family.

Overseas travel is common in today’s society, and the number of people travelling abroad is predicted to rise significantly in the next decade. This makes finding a place in the world not swamped by tourists, near impossible. Thankfully, there are still a number of under-the-radar attractions to be found, which are definitely worth a visit for those who wish to seek out somewhere less conventional.

1.Underwater Museum (MUSA), Cancún

When travelling abroad, a visit to a local museum is near mandatory on any itinerary. From the iconic Louvre Museum in Paris to the incredibly adorable Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama, people flock to museums to catch some culture and immerse themselves in history, whether they are antiquities from medieval times or modern avant-garde pieces.

Unlike most other museums, the Museum of Art (MUSA) is submerged 28 feet underwater in Cancún, Mexico and is home to almost 500 life-sized monumental sculptures, which includes the “Silent Evolution”, “The Man on Fire” and “The Dream Collector”. MUSA promises visitors an unforgettable experience as they get the opportunity to snorkel, dive or take a tour on a glass-bottom boat, while appreciating the sight of the magnificent statues and coral reefs that await them.

2. Pamukkale, Turkey

5-Unconventional-Place-Travel-Art-1Source: Wikimedia

Pamukkale, which literally translates into “cotton castle” in Turkish, is a UNESCO World Heritage site that is noted for its gorgeous white terraced travertine pools that are filled with rich minerals. Visitors to this geological phenomenon are in for a pampering, therapeutical experience as they get the exclusive privilege of bathing in thermal water said to provide individuals with plenty of health and beauty benefits.

Don’t forget to catch the brilliant sunset on a hot air balloon ride while gliding through the unusual topography of Pamukkale and get a bird’s eye view of The ancient ruins of Hierapolis, the Roman Amphitheatre and Mendes Valley, some of Pamukkale’s most picturesque attractions.

3. Antarctica

Antarctica is known to be the driest, windiest and highest place on earth with unpredictable and frigid weather conditions all year round. Despite the extremity of its climate, Antarctica, otherwise known as “The Great White Continent” is in fact the penultimate destination for explorers and people who crave for the extraordinary.

Kayak through crystal clear waters alongside humpback whales, hop on a Zodiac cruise and witness the untouched beauty of Lemaire Channel, the wondrous icebergs and glaciers that fill the landscape and camp under the starry night sky. No matter what one does or how they choose to embark on this journey, an expedition to Antarctica will surely be an adventure of a lifetime.

4. Bangladesh

A luxurious holiday in a 5-star resort surrounded by top Michelin-star restaurants sounds indeed glamorous, yet somewhat generic. If you are looking to go off the beaten track for an eye-opening travel experience, Bangladesh may just be the perfect destination for you. On arrival, be prepared to witness citizens of the most densely populated country in the world manoeuvre their way through congested roads, and beat the insane traffic. But there is more than meets the eye.

Bangladesh is in fact a stunning place that preserves wildlife and beautiful sceneries such as the Bengal Tiger and Ahsan Manzil, respectively. Exhilarating activities also await you as you get the opportunity to hop on a char and cruise through waterways alongside lush greeneries. The locals are also known for being extremely welcoming and their superb hospitality, making your stay in Bangladesh even more memorable.

5. Colmar, France

5-Unconventional-PLaces-Travel-Art-2Source: Wikimedia

Paris, the City of Love, is the global centre of art, fashion, gastronomy and culture, and home to numerous iconic monuments such as Eiffel Tower. With an enchanting capital like this, many tend to neglect the other parts of France. A beautiful gem that deserves a second glance is the town of Colmar.

A quaint town located north-east of the country, it bears an uncanny resemblance to a charming fairytale village. Travellers can expect to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life and learn about the town’s architectures and history through day tours. Don’t forget to stop by the Dominican Church and Little Venice as you will be transported back in time.