April 25, 2018

The days get longer and the temperature gets higher, which only means one thing—summer is almost here. It’s time to let your hair down and treat yourself to a much needed tropical getaway. If you haven’t started planning your week-long sojourn to an island of paradise, here are some spectacular beaches around the world with crystal clear waters that leave you agape.

Pig Beach, Bahamas

Spectacular-Beach-to-visit-this-summer-Art-2Source: The Out Islands

Famously featured on an episode of ABC’s top television series, The Bachelor, the Pig Beach has since made waves on the internet as one of the Bahamas most iconic sights. Head over to Big Major Cays in the Exuma and splash around in the azure waters with the island’s unlikely inhabitants, pigs! Be sure to capture the happy moments and snap many selfies with these lovely companions.

Hidden beach, Mexico

If you are looking to escape the large tourist crowds this summer, the Hidden beach may just be the ideal vacation spot for you. As suggested by the name, the Hidden beach is a secluded marvel tucked nicely away in a hole, making it only accessible by swimming or kayaking through a long underground tunnel from the Pacific Ocean. Although highly remote, visitors who brave through this journey will be rewarded with a fairytale-like landscape and rare wildlife that encircles it.

Bondi beach, Sydney

Spectacular-Beach-to-visit-this-summer-Art-1 Source: Wikimedia

Whether you are a surfing enthusiast, a major food lover or simply a person who yearns for good ol’ R&R, Bondi beach offers an array of activities for an enjoyable day under the sun. Besides overlooking the gorgeous ocean filled with pristine sand alongside stretches of aesthetically pleasing cafes and boutiques, complete your day with a swim in the iconic Bondi Icebergs. This historic landmark offers both a massive saltwater lap pool and a kiddie pool and is the perfect spot to witness the calming waves crashing over the sides while having one of the most scenic swims of your life.

Nacpan beach, Philippines

With a 4 kilometre stretch of golden sandy beaches and a topography of swaying coconut trees, it is no surprise that Nacpan beach has been crowned as the most beautiful beach in El Nido. Forming the twin beaches with Calitang beach, a day filled in paradise awaits. If you have time, take a tour out to the neighbouring islands of El Nido and canyon down rapid waterfalls or dive with friendly whale sharks.

Porto Katsiki beach, Greece

Year after year, the Porto Katsiki beach continues to emerge as one of the best beaches in Europe and is a popular favourite among both locals and travellers. Located just 40 kilometres southwest of the island’s capital city of Lefkada, this magnificent Greek extravaganza presents jewel-blue waters filled with glistening limestone rocks with a coastline of soft golden sand, surrounded by an incredible plateau of hill range. Visitors can choose to enter either by taxi-boats from neighbouring villages or take on the challenge of climbing down a narrow flight of stairs.