October 16, 2019

Whether you’ve spent the lion’s share of 2019 neck-deep in the daily grind or recovering from tumultuous changes, such is life that a year doesn’t go by without a little bit of strife. If you’ve neglected your personal well-being along the way, now’s the time to claim your annual leave and take a breather. Give yourself the space to fully disconnect and recharge in a distraction-free environment, where you’re able to engage in soul-healing activities and indulge in a little luxury in the name of self-care. One of the best ways to do all that and more, without venturing far into the sequestered corners of North America, is to head to a wellness retreat in Asia. Here are the top experiences to end the year on a more restful note.

Six Senses Fiji

This luxury tropical resort, situated on Malolo Island in Fiji, is not just about pampering you with spa treatments. It gets right down to remedying your health issues by first putting you through a health screening, so the specialists there are able to tailor a bespoke programme to your specific needs. Expect organic beauty therapy sessions, yogic intestinal cleanses, personal training, meditation classes, and a low-sugar, low-fat, gluten and hormone-free dietary programme to tackle both the inner soul and the outer body. By the time you’re done with the retreat, your health and well-being score would’ve improved empirically, and left you spiritually empowered to take on another year of challenges and goals.

Como Shambhala Estate

Located in Bali, the Como Shambhala Estate calls itself a “retreat for change”, one that advocates adopting a more mindful, well-rounded lifestyle beyond a mere 14-day wellness programme. Their experiences serve as a starting point upon which to build a foundation of a better, healthier life. Choose between the Cleanse, Be Active, Ayurvedic and Bespoke programmes, and be treated to a diversity of treatments such as hydrotherapy circuit training, hatha yoga, acupuncture, and Balinese Taksu massages that focus on the movement of energy between two individuals and aid in blood circulation and alleviating headaches. The cherry on the cake is the privacy you’ll receive at the resort, which spans 9 hectares and features 30 private villas.

SANGHA Retreat by OCTAVE Institute

Venture to Suzhou, China, to experience the East-meets-West philosophy of the SANGHA Retreat by OCTAVE Institute. This one-of-a-kind sanctuary breaks its wellness approach down to six categories—eating, breathing, sleeping, movement, thinking, and spiritual practice. Whether you’re staying for two days or a week, there’s no doubt you’ll leave utterly and wholly rejuvenated in every aspect of life. The comprehensive programme begins with a series of assessments aimed to determine your cardiovascular health, sleeping habits and such, before the construction of a healing plan that may include traditional Chinese medicine treatments, sound healing, yoga classes by the lake, and workshops with a life coach. The SANGHA Retreat by OCTAVE Institute also boasts next-level spa facilities such as salt caves, sensory lounges, and herbal steam rooms that boil bergamot, angelica and elsholtzia for health purposes.

Amatara Wellness Resort

The Phuket-based Amatara Wellness Resort, with picturesque views of the Andaman sea, is an idyllic destination that does more than relax visitors. For those who struggle with insomnia, everyday anxiety or the general inability to “switch off”, we recommend giving its Sleep Optimisation package a go. Spanning seven nights, the programme partners with professional sleep technicians and neurologists to help enhance the quality of your slumber. Part of the treatment is a polysomnography, an extensive sleep study that will highlight any sleeping disorders. Besides making way for more restful nights (which will in turn boost your memory, concentration and work productivity, while regulating your weight), there’s nothing better than treating yourself to massages after massages for seven days straight. As you relish in the Lavender sleep ritual and Shirodhara treatments, you’re also encouraged to abstain from screen time after sunset, so a fair amount of self-discipline will be needed too.

Image Credits: Como Hotels, Amatara Wellness Resort