December 6, 2021

Singapore-based EnviroTech company, Clean Earth Technologies (CET), has successfully completed its funding round of S$10 million with Strand Hanson Asia, which is acting as advisors to the company. Strand Hanson Asia is a leading independent consulting boutique firm with considerable experience in the resources and technology sectors. 

CET also announced that the company won the 2021 Australian High Commission Singapore Sustainability Award. According to the Australian Chamber of Commerce Singapore, the Award was given to the company whose business operations or solutions have demonstrated excellence in embodying sustainability as an integral part of its business practice. “CET is a champion of sustainable business practices, showing innovation and a commitment of sustainability,” cited by the Australian Chamber of Commerce Singapore.

Clean Mining Pty Ltd, part of the Clean Earth Technologies Group, owns the award-winning gold recovery solution. Its innovative ore processing technology represents an important scientific breakthrough that eliminates the use of cyanide and mercury in the treatment of precious metal ores, particularly gold. Thus, it offers a new global gold standard which is toxic-free ore processing. The technology, developed by Australia’s premier research agency, the CSIRO, is suitable for all gold mining operations, regardless of size, scale and location.

Kevin Fell, Chairman & Group CEO of Clean Earth Technologies, said: “We are delighted to be the winner of the 2021 Australian High Commission Singapore Sustainability Award. Our innovative gold recovery solution is a breakthrough for the gold mining industry to get rid of the use of toxic chemicals which are harmful to the environment and human life. “

CET has secured two contracts from NuFortune Gold of Australia. By using CET’s award-winning non-toxic gold recovery solution and innovative extraction technology, NuFortune Gold will be Australia’s first “Clean Gold” producer. While delivering similar gold recovery rates to cyanide, CET’s technology ensures better health and safety of employees, the environment and local communities.

“Strand Hanson Asia has taken a keen interest in CET and our environmentally-friendly solutions which are in line with ESG goals. This funding exercise by Strand Hanson will accelerate Clean Mining’s global expansion with offices in North and South America as we have a pipeline of over 600 opportunities. We will also be able to increase our sales and engineering capabilities across the globe,” added Fell.

CET’s second solution for Clean Urban Mining is to create a circular economy for e-waste by removing metals from waste electronics without the use of toxic and energy-intensive processes involving cyanide, acids or smelting. With the latest funding, CET will open its first e-waste factory in Adelaide by the end of this year.