June 3, 2019

Southern Globe Corporation (SGC) has launched Singapore’s first smoking cabin that transforms cigarette smoke into clean air. It is the first facility that has been developed to solve the issue of second-hand cigarette smoke in Singapore.

Located outside Fusionopolis, the air-conditioned cabin incorporates a three-layer filtration system developed in Denmark, and can fit up to 10 people. “I am a father of two and there are many occasions where my family has been inconvenienced by the presence of cigarette smoke. I have always felt that there should be a better solution to contain cigarette smoke in Singapore. When I came across Smoke Solution’s Indoor Glass Cabins at an international trade show, I knew that I had to bring the technology to Singapore,” said Stefen Choo, Director, SGC, which utilises Smoke Solution—a Danish company that manufactures smoke cabins and filtration systems that are used in countries such as Dubai, Japan, Kuwait and Denmark.

Smoking Cabin Technology

As Singapore’s designated smoking areas are outdoors, SGC developed an outdoor Smoking Cabin to incorporate a filtering system that is fitted with automatic motion sensors which are activated once motion is detected.

The base of the filtering system is fitted with a centrifugal fan which acts as a suction in pulling cigarette smoke into the filtering system. Centrifugal fans are used in various devices including aircraft engine parts and vacuum cleaners to change the direction of airflow and displace air.

Once the cigarette smoke has entered the filtering system, it is passed through the following filters:

—Pre Filter: Removes large dust particles
—HEPA Filter: Removes small 0.3 micron particles. It acts like an N95 Mask.
—Activated Carbon Filter: Removes tobacco smells and chemicals.

Smoking Cabins across the island

A prototype of Smoking Cabin SG was deployed outside Fusionopolis in early May, and has since been used by approximately 100 smokers daily.