January 23, 2018

To commemorate Timothy White’s first visit to Singapore, High Net Worth organised an intimate dinner to introduce Timothy’s stellar portraiture of Hollywood celebrities and iconic musicians to a mash-up of trailblazers and trendsetters from diverse industries.

Hosted by Tan Min-Li at her residence, Timothy regaled attendees with stories of how he embarked on a five-day motorcycle road trip with Brad Pitt in the Mojave Desert, the first time he met Harrison Ford, which later blossomed into an enduring friendship and when 18-year-old Jay-Z showed up on set to hang out with his mentor, Jaz-O.

When asked if he finds it difficult to photograph celebrities because they have an idea of how they see themselves, he said: “It’s never about them. I always find a way to get the shot because my work is a representation of me. It’s my version of the truth.”

An-Evening-with-Timothy-White-Art2Chelsea Scott-Blackhall, Terence Lim, Tan Min-Li, Bernard Cheong, Winnie Chan and Joshua Wijaya

An-Evening-with-Timothy-White-Art4Guests sipped on a Macallan Classic Cut

An-Evening-with-Timothy-White-Art6Timothy White

Jeremy Sim

An-Evening-with-Timothy-White-Art3Chelsea Scott-Blackhall, Paige Parker, Tan Min-Li and Su-Lyn Tay

Larry Peh

An-Evening-with-Timothy-White-Revised-Art12All the attendees at the dinner