June 29, 2018

F is for Fridays and fun. It’s the final day of the workweek, and as a responsible adult and contributing member of society, your social side starts to kick into a different gear and you party so hard you regret the next morning.

However, if you prefer a more restorative approach and to maximise the limited weekend hours that one has, then here’s a list celebrating and exhorting the virtues of spending a Friday night at home—and the not-quite mundane beauty of “simple” activities.

1. Be a Couch Potato

This tried-and-true method of enjoying a night-in does not need any introduction. But elevate your experience with a perfectly primed environment and gourmet snacks at hand.

We’re talking about turning the air-conditioner on to tune out the rest of the world, setting up a fluffy nest of soft throws and pillows on the sofa, and having a glass of wine (or champagne, personal preference) or an easy-to-make icy cooler on hand.

Complete the set-up with a trove of ready-to-eat luxury snacks, whether they be rich, creamy cheeses, fine chocolates, your favourite candies and jellies, or even a cold meat platter complete with dips and sides.

Here’s a recommended Netflix watchlist, including special mentions below:

Hannah Gadsby: Nanetteincisive, subversive stand-up comedy like no other.

Forrest Gumpthrowback with that one favourite crowd-pleaser you haven’t seen in a while.

Queer Eyea remake of the groundbreaking series from the early noughties, it’s a fan favourite with the perfect recipe of feel-good makeovers, great personalities and good fashion.

2. Pamper Yourself

Pull out that wash-off face mask, scented candle, fancy bubble bath or nail grooming kit, it’s time to love the body you’re in. Feeling good can start from outside in—luxuriating in the finest scents and textures while getting clean is a wonderful time to relax and take stock of your week.

Or if you’re less inclined to do the work yourself, here are excellent massage options to coax those tense muscles, available till late, or even in the comfort of your home.

3. Create Something Tangible

Break out the watercolours, balls of yarn and thread, old magazines or even the basic pen and paper. Whether it’s painting, embroidering a plain tote bag, creating a collage for a card or mood board of your favourite images, or simply putting your innermost thoughts to paper—Friday nights certainly aren’t the time for self-censorship. Loosen those finger joints from a week at the keyboard, look away from the blue screens and see where your offline creative impulses take you!

4. Check Your To-Do List

Have something you are meant to do since… forever? It could be a chore like de-cluttering a room, conditioning your leathers or even—urgh—backing up and organising old holiday photos into viewable memories, or even trying something new like a particular recipe, book or craft. Whatever it is, get right into it and check that to-do list once and for all. You’ll thank yourself for it.

5. Go to the Gym

Nothing beats the sanctimonious joy of being at the gym on a day and at an hour where most others are likely overindulging in food, drink or other excesses.

That aside, Friday nights (and weekends) are great to get a little quiet ‘me-time’ in deserted gyms. It’s a great way to work off the accumulated stress and frustrations of the week, so lose yourself in the workout and the knowledge that your weekend is off to a clean and refreshing start.