September 1, 2016

From 19 September to 31 October 2016, Yàn will be introducing 25 double-boiled soups that are prepared using time-honoured recipes. “Prosperity Soup Feast” celebrates the tradition of convivial communal dining, bringing family and friends together over hearty soups that are full of nourishment and brewed with love.

Soups are an indispensable part of the Cantonese dining culture, and selecting a good soup when en- tertaining friends and family is the mark of a good host. While the use of premium ingredients in soups often denotes prosperity and wealth, it is also believed that the right composition can clear heat, cure ailments, enhance beauty and maintain overall wellness. [福满汤宴] introduces a combination of dou- ble-boiled classic and original soups that boast natural benefits and rich authentic flavours. “Making a good soup requires skill and patience. It takes time and fire control, so as to bring out the nourishing es- sences of the ingredients while balancing the flavours,” shares Master Chef Chan Kung Lai, who has over two decades of culinary experience deeply rooted in Cantonese cooking.


Some of the noteworthy soups on the menu include Sea Whelk and Black Garlic, using the medicinal properties of black garlic and wolfberries to strengthen the immune system.


Smooth and herbal in flavour, the Hashima with Huang Qi and Dang Shen contains collagen that can help improve skin complexion for a radiant glow. The Double-boiled Pork with Soya Bean is said to improve digestion, while the Chinese Cabbage with Yunnan Ham nourishes the lungs and boosts energy, particularly in women. Priced at $13.80++ each, all soups are served with a bowl of fragrant crispy rice, cooked with an imperial stock for a subtle nuance of flavour and texture.

A meal at Yàn is never complete without some of the restaurant’s mainstay dishes. The Signature Crispy Roast Suckling Pig is served three ways: the crispy skin, the carved shoulder and an oven- baked fillet with lemongrass ($124++ for half, $248++ for full portion). Another signature dish is the Yàn Peking Duck ($40++ for half, $80++ for full portion) served with homemade crêpes and tradi- tional garnishes. Alternatively, guests can also choose to dine “omakase-style”, where Chef Chan and his team will design a customized menu centered on the best seasonal produce.