April 4, 2019

Rasel Catering Singapore, a leading premium halal catering service, has expanded its capabilities to take their brand to pole position. Onboarding an international award-winning kitchen team, Rasel purveys Instagram-worthy, artisanal menus beyond typical halal buffets. Customers can expect bespoke solutions that are highly personalised from concept to fruition whether it is a corporate function, a simple party, a joyous wedding or MICE event with sustainability KPIs (key performance indicators)

Executive Chef, Chef Boey Min Hwa will helm Rasel’s kitchen. Specially selected from among the best chefs in Singapore to support the award-winning Singapore National Culinary Team, Chef Hwa has a strong passion for the culinary arts and continues to hone his craft as an outstanding chef.  He has assisted both the Hot Cooking and Hot Present Cold categories which clinched Singapore’s first-ever double gold medals including Best Overall Champion at the 2016 IKA Culinary Olympics in Germany. Deeply influenced by his Asian roots, Chef Hwa marries his Western skills to inject fresh vigour into Rasel’s premium halal repertoire, turning myriad flavours into artful creations that will breathe new life into the halal sphere. Newly appointed as Director of Culinary at Purple Sage Group and Rasel Catering Singapore, Chef Siang will oversee the Rasel kitchen.

Transformation of local favourites: Past, Present and Future

Rasel showcased the transformation of local favourites like the humble beancurd dessert and goreng pisang (banana fritters). These dishes were given a twist to represent the creativity of the present. Guests also tasted the reimagined ‘future’ version of these dishes (see menu annexed for details) crafted using the latest culinary techniques such as spherification. Chef Hwa brought back the flavours of yester-years in new forms, allowing guests to reminisce and recollect our nation’s F&B journey and dining culture.

Chef Hwa said, “Halal food isn’t just Mee Siam or Mee Rebus. Singapore is culture-rich and taste buds here are accustomed to all sorts of flavours. I belong to the crossover generation and so I understand the changing demands of baby-boomers as much as Xennials (born between the late 1970s and early 1980s). It excites me to craft old favourites as new creations and present it to delight our customers who are looking for something original to surprise their guests at their events.”

Harnassing technology for MICE

Leveraging digital technology advancement, Rasel also introduced the iBox as a queue-cutting solution at MICE events to increase efficiency in food service. Participants at such large-scale events can order their food via mobile phone. With the given code, they can just key the code in at an iBox to retrieve their meal.

Simply Buffet


Rasel continually observes, listens and acts on strengthening its core competency in food service to cater to clients with different needs.  As such, it also launched “Simply Buffet” which is small on price but big on taste. This new tier provides an alternative for customers who prioritise price without compromising the quality of the food.