October 15, 2020

Dolce & Gabbana and Fiasconaro renew their collaboration with a traditional recipe characterised by a unique flavour. The panettone with Sicilian almonds takes the mind and the palate on an exciting journey of discovery of the tastes of the island.

Unique, tasty and delicious: covered with icing, sugar grains and almonds, this product presents a naturally leavened dough, enhanced by soft raisins flavoured with Vecchio Samperi perpetual wine, an elixir with a citrusy aftertaste, mainstay of the Marsala wine tradition. Symbol of the land of the sun, the Sicilian almond is a cornerstone of the gastronomic and pastry tradition of the island and Italy: an ingredient in which crunchiness meets a delicate sweetness.

Others include the traditional panettone with Vecchio Samperi perpetual wine from Sicily: soft pieces of candied orange and citron combined with raisins, accompanied by the elegant bottle with a perpetual wine nebulizer in a 30ml format to spray directly on the dessert: a ritual with a Made in Italy flavour.

The Glazed Chestnuts and Gianduia panettone, which is covered in chestnut cream and a chocolate glaze. This delicacy already present in the Fiasconaro catalogue is a scrumptious recipe ideal for the upcoming holidays.

Covered in white chocolate and pistachios, the Sicilian pistachio panettone is accompanied by a jar of velvety pistachio cream with a gold-coloured spreader, both in the 1kg size (800g and 200g of cream) and in the brand new 600g format (500g and 100g of cream).

Lastly, the citrus and saffron panettone has a soft dough enriched with pieces of candied lemon, orange and mandarin combined with saffron and it is available in three sizes (1kg, 500g and 100g).

The desserts can be accompanied by 200 g creams that can be purchased separately: Sicilian pistachio, almond, and chocolate.

Sicily as an inexhaustible source of inspiration: the Sicilian cart, the puppet theatre and the typical ingredients of the island become the protagonists of the colourful panettoni packaging, created by Dolce & Gabbana and imbued with the brand’s flair. A creative offer in constant evolution, year after year: these collectible tins are precious chests that conceal tasty made in Italy recipes inside.

The products are for sale online, at Martini Bar in Milan (Corso Venezia 15) and in selected gourmet stores in Italy and abroad. This year, as part of the special Christmas Market, the products will also be for sale at the Dolce & Gabbana boutiques at Corso Venezia 7 in Milan and at New Bond Street 53-55 in London.