October 23, 2018

Finding the perfect outerwear can instantly make you go from zero to hero. While many opt for blazers or bomber jackets, denim jackets provide that casual yet edgy vibe, and make you appear cooler by default. After all, they have been around for more than a century since Jean legend Levi Strauss created the very first denim jacket in the 1800s. With its versatility and ruggedness, you can also get a lot of mileage out of it even after many wears. With so many different styles and washes, we have narrowed down our top 5 picks.

Acne Studio Lamp Denim Jacket

Cut from rigid Japanese denim, the Acne Studios Blå Konst Lamp denim jacket is treated with an eye-pleasing light blue hue for a vintage-inspired feel. Known for its Scandinavian minimalism, this Swedish brand still manages to add tailoring to the oversized and boxy silhouette with dropped shoulder seams. If you’re going for that normcore look, a plain white tee would do the trick.  

Loewe Paula’s Ibiza sequined patchwork denim jacket

The crepe, twill and sequined patches are patterned motifs hand-picked by designer Jonathan Anderson, and they were originally designed back in the 70s. The jacket features an asymmetrical hem and frayed edges throughout so if you are bored of the usual types—this will definitely turn heads. 

Calvin Klein Warhol Portrait Denim Trucker Jacket

Can you imagine wearing the work of your favourite artist? The Calvin Klein Warhol Portrait Denim Trucker Jacket pays tribute to the legendary pop artist Andy Warhol. A contrasting rinse red print of Andy Warhol, Self-Portrait With Skull, 1978 (A) on a deep indigo wash, this jacket might just be a piece of art on its own.

Levi’s Ex-Boyfriend Fleece Lined Denim Jacket

Since we all love denim, and fleece is the quintessential textile when it comes to fall, this jacket by Levi’s stylishly marries the two to keep you warm and cosy. Doesn’t the plush high-pile fleece and the perfectly faded wash remind you of your beloved boy next door in a particular Netflix series?

American Eagles Denim Jacket Acid Wash

If you’re a hipster who loves the indie rock culture, this black American Eagles Denim Jacket will relive your early-2000s punk days. Finish the look with a woven choker and leather boots to add an overall grunge look.


Image credits: American Eagles, Loewe, Acne Studio