February 25, 2020

I’m sure you have a pile of them. T-shirts are an everyday basic, but paying attention to the right fit and design can make you look more polished and modern. These days, designer tees seem to be the rage and if you’re thinking of elevating your sartorial profile, here are five that are worth the splurge.


This signature tee needs no introduction as it is one of Givenchy’s best-selling t-shirts available in black or white. Do be prepared to cough up $850 for major swag points.

Dior x Hajime Sorayama

This tee from Dior’s ‘Retro-Futuristic’ capsule collection by Hajime Sorayam is highly sought-after by hypebeasts. Why? Because Kim Jones always has a finger on the pulse of what’s cool.


Featuring leather appliqués on the front, Fendi’s iconic monster eyes tee is subtle yet distinct enough to make a statement no matter where you are.


For a more retro vibe, this oversized Gucci Tennis T-shirt is a Grand Slam off the court.

Alexander McQueen

The idea of skeletons may put some people off, but this illustration by Alexander Mcqueen evokes intrigue without being overly macabre. Sometimes fashion is not for the faint of heart.

Image Credits: Fendi, Gucci