May 12, 2020

It’s probably been over a month since your last haircut, and I’m sure you are tired of your split ends, unruly layers and overgrown bangs. If you don’t want to make a trip down to your trusted hair salon (in an attempt to stay at home as much as possible), why not try taking matters into your own hands. Here are some nifty tools to help you get a decent trim. Pro tip: Don’t be too hard on yourself if you make mistakes. After all, your hair will grow back eventually. 

Harry Josh Pro Tools Carbon Tail Comb

Before you begin cutting your hair, it’s important to keep your hair knot- and frizz-free. Use this carbon tail comb to brush through the tangles effortlessly, without pulling out entire strands. Don’t underestimate this comb—it has a sharp tail end that allows you to part your hair accurately at any angle.

The Equinox Professional Razor Edge Series Hair Cutting Scissors

The right pair of scissors is vital to a good haircut. Never use your kitchen scissors, even if you are tempted to—it’s not worth the risk. This lightweight pair by Equinox is a good start for beginners, as it is versatile (for both men and women), easy to grip and has a stainless steel texture to prevent hair from getting caught in between the blades. The last thing you want is for your hair to fray.  

Original CreaClip Set

First seen on Shark Tank, the CreaClip promises to achieve salon-grade haircuts that are not only hassle-free but look professionally done. Simply attach the Creaclip to the desired length and begin trimming. The set comes with two clips: one for trimming shorter hair and bangs, and the other for cutting longer hair and creating layers. Still unsure of how to use it? Head over to their YouTube channel which offers tutorials on how to get the best results. 

Andis Improved Master Blade Clipper

If you are tired of taking care of your hair, perhaps now may be the time to shave it off. For a neat and fuss-free trim, this aluminium clipper glides smoothly across your scalp and delivers 14,000 strokes per minute without making a sound. 

AIMIKE Hair Clips

Hair Clips are inexpensive and can seriously make a difference when it comes to trimming your bangs. Separate your hair into sections with these non-slip ones that work well on both wet and dry hair.

Image Credit: Derm Store, Appleton Barber supply, Equinox International