April 17, 2018

Summer is close upon us and it’s time to break out those swimming trunks and shorts again. No wardrobe is seasonally equipped without these summer essentials and we have the latest Spring/Summer 2018 men’s swimwear from designer brands like Dior Homme and Stella McCartney just to name a few. From prints to embroidery and even a collaboration with a renown French Painter, this year’s collections are taking bold new strides with form and function—giving you the right kind of attention when you hit the beach or pool. Here are five swim shorts you’ll want to get your hands on today.

Dior All-Over “Francois Bard” Print Swim Shorts

If you’re an avid admirer of Francois Bard’s art and want to own a piece of his legacy, look no further. Dior has teamed up with the French painter to feature a printed collage of some of his iconic works like Capuche Jaune (yellow hood) amongst others on a pair of swim shorts. Who says you can’t look like a work of art?

Fendi Multicoulour Technical Fabric Shorts

For the fashion conscious with an active lifestyle, Fendi gives you the ideal pair of stylishly functional swim shorts. Its grey and black technical fabric coupled with customised multicolour inlays create a unique ‘Bag Bugs’ motif, a design element that gives it a convivial appeal. Don’t let the fancy exterior fool you though, it’s highly durable and ready to tackle those challenging waves along with your board.

Paul Smith Turquoise Ocean Print Swim Shorts

Covered in colourful prints of aquatic life, Paul Smith’s swimwear is the perfect tribute to a summer by the sea. You’ll fit right in at the beach or bring the spirit of the ocean to the poolside with its cool shade of turquoise. So why wait? Get a pair, and make sure you have an alcoholic beverage in hand to add a touch of pizzazz.

Stella McCartney Embroidery Swim Shorts

Stella McCartney’s slim-fitted dark blue trunks peppered with embroidered ‘cross-star’ patterns is subtle enough to show off your sartorial flair. If you lean toward the conservative side, this might be a better option for you.

Moncler Boxer Shorts

Moncler puts a dash of colour into your summer wardrobe with bright red boxer shorts that have a gradient fade to white. It’s time to bring out personality because summer is all about having fun.


Image Credit: Dior, Fendi, Paul Smith, Stella McCartney, Moncler