April 14, 2020

Currently, face masks are ubiquitous and it’s becoming mandatory to wear one. While many prefer function over form (to reduce the risk of transmission and exposure), the usual surgical ones aren’t the most flattering for your skin tone or outfit. Looking to show off your personality? Here are five face masks that make you stand out from the average Joe.


With over 46 designs to choose from, Vogmask thrives on keeping wearers safe while looking good. This brand claims to protect you from all types of airborne particles; from germs and allergens, to wildfire smoke and volcanic particulate. Apart from being reusable, you can choose between the microfiber and organic textile.


If you want a more smart-looking mask, look no further than AirPop. This technologically advanced face mask allows you to connect to an app that gives you feedback on your overall well-being by monitoring your habits, environment and breathing. AirPop has also done collaborations with Chinese brands such as Mobike and Mijia to release limited edition styles.


AusAir, an Australian brand, sells face masks for minimalists. Aside from being medically-approved, they offer protection from all types of harmful pollutants in the air. Available in deep black, light grey and soft blush, each mask is designed to be highly breathable with a botanical filter.

Cambridge Mask

Cambridge Mask allows you to express yourself with 15 different designs that come in 5 sizes. If you looking for something more specific, the company does offer customisation with a minimum order of 200 units. Take heart in the fact that every mask has three layers of protection and uses military grade filtration technology to protect you from airborne contaminants. 


Airnium claims to have constructed the perfect face mask that is both stylish and protective. Featuring classic and limited edition designs that are comfortable with minimal air leakage, this Swedish brand has pledged to donate 1% of their sales from their collaborations towards environmental initiatives.

Image credit: AirPop