June 13, 2017

When man discovered fire, he also experienced heat and light. Through the years of evolution, light has become an essential element in our lives, surpassing its basic primitive use. With modern interior décor and how design is at the forefront of our lives, lighting has taken many forms. Whether it is at home or in the office, there are many floor lamps available in the market today that are crafted beautifully—both delighting in form and function. Here are 5 cool and unusual options that attract all the right kinds of attention.


Fortuny Studio 76

This floor lamp is reminiscent of a professional photographer’s flashlight with an umbrella-shaped shade mounted on a tripod, and its presence would instantly give a room the appeal of a designer’s studio. Available in a variety of colour combinations including black and gold leaf, and white and silver leaf, there is one guaranteed to suit any modern home with a touch of style.

Flos Lounge Gun

Designed by the iconic Philippe Starck and taken from his Guns collection, this piece evokes a retro military feel. Featuring an upright facing die-cast aluminium M16 rifle where the barrel is extended to hold the lamp shade, this work of art is a definite conversation starter. This enchantress comes in either 18K gold with a black matte shade internally silkscreened in gold or a chrome finish with a white shade silkscreened in silver.


Moooi Horse Lamp

For those who have a penchant for horses, and also a vast amount of space, Moooi’s horse lamp is the perfect accessory to fulfil your unique desire. The almost full-scale metal frame structure and a black laminate shade provide nice ambient lighting as well as an animalistic sense of grandeur.

Foscarini Mite Floor Lamp

When lit, the Mite floor lamp looks like an illuminated space age cocoon, exuding a certain sensual element to the minimalistic design. Its curvaceous organic look is achieved through the application of Kevlar or carbon onto the glass fabric which gives a natural textured appearance that looks great in any setting. Comes in yellow and black.

Rick Owens Concrete Lamp

Made from concrete, the Rick Owens lamp is a timeless beauty. With a cylindrical design rounded off on the top, it has just a single carved indent where the light shines through. The stone grey palette tone has a zen vibe, allowing it to transcend various interior design styles, ideal for the living room or covered patio. Also available as a table lamp.

Image Credits: Fortuny, Flos, moooi and Foscarini