April 21, 2017

Singaporeans aren’t generally known to be the best dressers and it’s fairly common knowledge that t-shirts, shorts, jeans and flip flops are the 4 main staples of a local wardrobe.

But as with the ever-changing nature of fashion, sartorial tides have turned on local shores. A growing number of Singaporeans have shed the local “uniform” in exchange for more chic and trendy styles—frequently inspired and sourced from the platitudes on social media. There are still though, the few who march to the beat of their own drum.

In this series, we shine a light on local fashionistas who aren’t afraid to go against trends, take a risk and embrace their individuality. From funky and pop glam looks to androgynous minimalist chic, here is an insight into their wardrobe and how their style represents who they are as a person.

First up, Linda Hao, Founder of YESAH

YESAH is a fashion label established in 2012 by Shanghainese designer Linda Hao, whose exquisite taste in music and films form the basis of the label’s collections. YESAH’s apparel can be identified by its quirky, energetic and loud designs. Under the creative direction of Linda, YESAH has gone from strength to strength with five collections to date, even showcasing at Digital Fashion Week 2014 and Bangkok International Fashion Week.


Sunglasses from Jeremy Scott, Jacket from SuperR, Shoes from Jeffrey Campbell, Socks from Hendrick Vibskov, Bag from Bangkok

“I’m originally from Shanghai, China and moved to Singapore when I was 8 years old. In China, we have four seasons, so naturally I learnt how to dress accordingly to different climates and explore different sorts of (clothing) textures.

My parents used to be in the bridal business in Shanghai and my childhood was literally made up of fabrics and machines around photo studios and playing hide & seek among wedding gowns and laces in the factory. I am very lucky to have such a creative family where my parents are very accepting of who I am or who I’ve become.”


Outfit from Ralph Lauren, Watch from Daniel Wellington.

“I think I’ve a very fuss-free, anything goes kind of style. I love colours that symbolise life, and they could reflect a certain emotion that I am feeling. Everything also depends on the mood and environment too. I like to experiment, but most importantly, comfort is key to me.

When I just started DJ-ing at 19, I only played indie, alternative and electro music because that’s all I knew. My taste in music started evolving along the way. I love exploring different sounds from different parts of the world and lately, I’m getting more into techno and disco house. When I am in my DJ mode, I dress accordingly to the theme. Sometimes it’s like playing different roles, so dressing up for different events and clients can be really fun to me.


Sweater & bag from Marc by Marc Jacobs, Pleated skirts from Topshop.

“This was taken by my Friend Nat when she was showing me around Brixton in London. I was there with Topshop for the London Fashion Week 2014! Contrary to what people think, I don’t think of my style as being different at all. I just wear what I like. Ironically, I hardly wear the clothes I design.

Jeans are a must-have in my wardrobe! It’s just something that’s durable and versatile to create different looks. Denim is my staple piece.”


Shirt from a Vintage Market in Shanghai, Belt from a Granny’s Day Out.

“I don’t have a regular shopping place. I travel a lot and if I see anything special or unique along the way I will buy it. Instead of the malls, I like to explore areas with old school shophouses such as Little India, Chinatown and Bras Basah.

I’m always inspired by random happenings in life, the spontaneous turn of events, meeting interesting people from all over the world, a wide range of music and new sounds, nature and its surroundings.”

Images Credits: Linda Hao