October 16, 2018

Gaggenau, the luxury brand for professional-grade home appliances, presents the next generation of its full surface induction cooktop—designed specifically for those who demand the highest standard in professional culinary performance, and the utmost in creative flexibility.

The latest full surface induction cooktop showcases Gaggenau’s affection for the idea of limitless possibilities within the cooking environment. Taking inspiration from the notion of uninhibited creativity, teamed up with the brand’s unrivalled affinity for pure and sophisticated design, the full surface induction cooktop encompasses the very essence of refinement within the kitchen setting.

The CX 482 cooktop has a width of 80 cm and is available with two choices of finish—installed flush and frameless for seamless integration within the kitchen countertop, or alternatively, a stainless-steel framed cooktop can be selected to complement any of the Vario cooktop 400 series appliances including the gas wok, Teppan Yaki or the electric grill.

Providing a creative space, with few rules and minimal constraints, the full surface induction cooktop provides a boundless expanse of surface, allowing for up to 5 pans to be placed anywhere upon it. The addition of two cooking functions—professional and dynamic—allows for power level changes as and when the pan is moved, facilitating an effortless culinary process.

Operated by a TFT touch colour display that intelligently indicates the shape, size and position of the cookware, cooking zones and heat settings can be selected at the touch of a fingertip. The private chef has 17 heat levels to choose from including a booster function for high-heat cooking with greater, more precise control. With the addition of the cooking sensor, the freedom to be both the attentive host and the culinary master is made possible, as over-boiling is avoided, and precise cooking is automatically achieved.

Beautifully crafted and professionally capable, this is a product that expresses no boundaries in the pursuit of culinary imagination.

Sven Baacke, Head of Design, Global Brand Gaggenau, comments: “We believe that limitless functionality complemented by pure aesthetics, are essential to inspiring and creating an unsurpassable culinary experience. To achieve this experience through our appliances, Gaggenau draws on its affinity for design with a view to meet our consumers’ expectation of perfection. We have simply enhanced the timeless and refined design of the full surface induction cooktop predecessor, as we feel that incremental advance is key to cement our continued position as a leading luxury brand in kitchen appliances.”