December 11, 2018

Love watches? Love rock? Then, be prepared to swoon over Antė’s CLVII Timepieces Collection, the perfect marriage of luxury timepieces and the spirit of rock. An exciting collaboration between renowned French luxury streetwear label CLVII and esteemed leader in precision timepieces Michel Salzmann of Time in France, the collection promises to break all the rules without compromising any of its horological heritage and quality.

With Salzmann and his widely-acknowledged expertise in watchmaking at the helm, each timepiece is meticulously crafted in the workshops of Strasbourg, France, promising an unmatched caliber in the market for precision timepieces. Beautifully imagined, each timepiece features embedded jewels and an automatic open-heart mechanism. Each watch face is matched with a genuine alligator leather strap, the perfect adornment for the face of luxury.

Add that to CLVII’s trademark creativity and street style, and you have yourself not just a timepiece, but an unbridled attitude for rock, non-conformity and the offbeat. The emblematic CLVII signature of the skull wearing sunglasses, found also in its clothing pieces and the brand logo, is juxtaposed upon the watch face for an unconventional, one-of-a-kind design. With this new horological collection, let CLVII redefine the possibilities of precision timepieces—irreverent and funky, but always high quality.

Now available in Antė stores in 4 models: the steel model retails at $1370, while the rose gold, black and bronze antique models are available at $1470.