June 30, 2017

While the fashion industry is constantly churning out new styles every season, the industry would not be where it is today without the help of influential fashion icons. In this series called Get That Look, we take a cue from doyennes and trailblazers in the 70s, and put a modern twist on things by recreating their outfits.

Andy Warhol was the epitome of art meets fashion. He had a knack for finding a common ground between extremes and it reflected greatly in his work. The famed painter of the Campbell’s Soup cans didn’t become an overnight sensation. When his Campell’s Soup can paintings were first exhibited, they were met with mostly mockery and indifference. But as he pushed on, Manhattan socialites began to embrace his soup can-printed dresses. Starting out as a junior illustrator of a magazine and Warhol climbed his way up to become an artist and influential figure that everyone just couldn’t get enough of.

His style, aesthetic and attitude represented a new era of Pop Art, which was well reflected in his personal style. Despite his eccentric and vibrant nature, Warhol’s appeal can be described as a mix of Brook Brothers with a preppy feel—conservative yet experimental. As he once said, “Fashion wasn’t what you wore someplace anymore; it was the whole reason for going.”

Here are 3 of his iconic moments from the 70s: 


Andy Warhol’s Monotone Style

Unlike his bold choice of colours in his works, Warhol was mostly seen in darker hues, and from pictures, he showed us how monotonous dressing can be a sartorial palette cleanser after one print too many.

Warhol clearly loved his striped tee, and this version from Commes Des Garcon is an all time classic. Layer it over a Leather Car Jacket from Yves Saint Laurent, with removable shearling; the ball is in your court on how you much swagger you want.

Continue the colour gradient with a Black Chino Pants from Benjamin Barker and a pair of DEBONEIRE Oxford shoes, a must-have for every gentleman.

Don’t forget the iconic Warhol shades from SuperSuper has joined forces with the Andy Warhol Foundation to create an exclusive set of eyewear exactly like the ones Warhol used to don, but with some cool modern upgrades, the shades are definitely a subtle compliment to an all-black outfit.


The ‘Andy Warhol Jacket’

With Warhol, it’s all about being creative with pieces you wouldn’t typically pair them with. The safari jacket has escaped its stereotype from being purely utilitarian to becoming a fashionable item.

Try on the Suede Safari Jacket from Ralph Lauren, the honey-hued jacket is a modern recreation, designed to be practical for everyday wear. Spruce up the outfit with a Kano Pitch White Shit from Benjamin Barker, the wooden buttons and rounded cuff are minor details that will definitely leave an impression. Aim for a Camel Coloured Cambridge Lace Up Sneaker from Tom Ford, and accessorise with a pair of Thom Browne‘s Grey Sunglasses, similar to the clear glasses that Warhol loves so much.

Keep the complementary colour wheel running with a backpack from Lanvin. The navy blue with a tinge of purple is definitely going to get you some double takes.


Andy Warhol’s Preppy Style

Bring back your college memories with this preppy look. Jeans and sweaters are Warhol’s favourite go-to pieces, as it is smart, effortless, yet always appropriate. 

Contrasting hems make this dark number look anything but ordinary—jazz up a Black Lanvin Sweater with a classic button down shirt from Thom Browne. Accent it with a checkered tie from Tom Ford, the inconspicuous bit of the tie will match the shirt, and definitely round up the whole dapper uniform. Finish off your attire by matching it with a pair of ripped jeans for a rugged but snazzy look. Lastly, to make sure you look fly from behind, don’t forget to get a rucksack from YSL. 

Image Credits: Harper and Lewis Vintage, Spring Creek Station, Antronaut, Art Report, Dover Street Market, Yves Saint Lauren, Benjamin Barker, DEBONEIRE, Super, Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Lanvin & Thom Browne.