July 16, 2019

Roomier, lighter and comfier, office trousers are changing for the better. With the fusion of athleisure and utilitarian chic into formal wear, a tasteful blend of sporty drawstrings and huge pockets are the perfect garnish to the once straight-cut dress pants. Easier to slip on and versatile for day and night, here are 5 different styles that are relaxed yet dapper at the same time.

Lemaire Twisted Chino Pants

The Lemaire Twisted Chino Pants is a refined version of the utility pants. With functional pockets and a chunky belt and metal buckle, the mid-rise fit is still flattering for an afternoon meeting.

Favourbrook Stone Evering Linen Suit Trousers

Fully breathable linen in a raw earthy stone colour, you definitely wouldn’t mind wearing this well-tailored pair of trousers on a hot afternoon.

AMI Tapered Wool Trousers

A respectable pair of black pants can never go out of style. Slightly high-waisted and tapered at the ankles to show the right amount of skin, AMI’s Tapered Wool Trousers are perfect for conservatives.

Paul Smith Slim-Fit Green Tartan Check Wool Trousers

This statement trousers can instantly elevate your mundane white shirt without appearing like you’re trying too hard.

CHIMALA Cropped Wide-Leg Cotton And Linen-Blend Twill Drawstring Trousers

If cargo pants and joggers had a love child, this retro army green hue cut from breathable linen-blend, finished off with a sporty drawstring at the waist, will be your favourite dress-down Friday pants in no time.

Image Credits: HBX, Paul Smith, Mr Porter