May 2, 2017

There are days when you just want to sleep in and other times when you need a quick beauty-fix right before a night out. You want something fast, presentable and better still, a look to impress, but when you’re in a rush, following along to 2-hour-long beauty tutorials on YouTube are simply a no-go.

That’s when Instagram steps in. From minute-long tutorials for dramatic eyeshadow to striking cheekbone highlights in under five, there is something for everyone. 

It’s time to go bold or go home.


The Holographic Look

Starting off the list is the “Holographic Look”.

In the spirit of all things unicorn and mermaid, holographic-themed products have slowly been creeping into Instagram feeds, either by hashtag or from being highlighted on your “Explore” page with thousands of likes. The trend has captivated masses of young teens and 20-somethings alike, eager to boast their quirky sense of individualism.

Cosmetic brands have been quick to take up the trend, with products like Too Faced’s Unicorn Tears lipstick, the Holographic Stick by Milk Makeup, and Kat Von D’s Alchemist Palette. The mesmerising shimmers will make you want to get yourself that coveted otherworldly look.

The Colour-Block Look

Colour-block make up has always been a staple on the runway. It might not seem the most wearable look for the masses, but the colour-block look is hitting the streets in a big way. So why stick to the same ol’ symmetrical winged liner, brows and lipstick ? After all, a human’s face is asymmetrical, so why should your makeup be otherwise?

With colour-block make up, the possibilities are endless.  The crux of the game is in realising that you’ll have to toss aside the traditional ‘rules’ of makeup and be creative, daring and most importantly, playful.

For starters, try the two-toned gaze. Pick two complementary colours to work with, like a yellow and pink eyeshadow and shade the upper eyelid and lower lash line of your eyes in one hue each. The key here is to create defined and strong streaks of colour that frame the eye closely. Simply finish the bold look with a clean and stark, dark eyeliner.


The Floral Eyeliner

They say that April showers bring May flowers and as we enter the new season, images of floral eyeliner have been blooming all over Instagram. With the help of multi-colored liquid liners, makeup artists have been drawing delicate blossoms along lash lines, making it look as though there are teeny tiny gardens growing on the eyelids.

Seeing how time-consuming the process might be, this look may not be everyone’s go-to eye makeup routine every morning of Spring, but it is definitely a fun way to experiment with colors, not to mention, the results would make for a great Instagram snap.

Star Freckles

Faux freckles might be the latest hype, but take a cue from the Dior catwalks and reach for the stars instead. Create your celestial new look with Milk Makeup’s Star Tattoo Stamp, and stick Glitter Stars all over, completing the look with a holographic lipstick. Definitely a head-turner.

Feather Brow Eyebrow

This slightly bizarre look making it to our list of bold makeup look, Finnish makeup artist Stella Sironen debuted her newest trend, the Feather Brow on Instagram. A few days later, however, she clarified that the look was a joke created when her friend accidentally created a middle parting in her brows while doing her make up.

Joke or not, the feather brow look took flight and has since been spotted on several bloggers and beauty enthusiasts who have recreated the look on themselves. While we know it’s a hard trend to take seriously, with its number of hashtags on Instagram, this look is becoming quite real and here to stay.

Image Credits: @lunafortun, @makenziewilder, @jitskeserne, @marieappelt, @benritterphoto, @milkmakeup