April 7, 2020

Since almost everyone is telecommuting these days, I know there is a strong urge to be comfortable and wear clothes from the night before. However, it’s still important to look presentable on Zoom. The last thing you want is to appear like you lost your sense of professionalism. Find a work-appropriate top (preferably without holes), apply some light make-up and don’t neglect to style your hair. After all, good hair can transform your appearance from shabby to put-together—besides, what matters is your top half. Here are four easy steps to get a salon-grade blowout at home.

Step 1: Apply a generous amount of Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3 on the scalp and ends of your hair, then massage gently for 10 minutes (or more). Rinse your hair and rub dry with a towel.

This deep conditioning hair mask will repair and strengthen your hair roots, giving you healthy, luscious tresses in no time. Even actress Kate Bosworth uses it in her evening routine to get that enviable shine. 

Step 2: Use Tangle Teezer’s hairbrush to detangle any knots. Be careful not to tug too hard when straightening. 

Not only does this brand help to prevent hair damage, but it also offers a range of brush types to suit the texture of your hair. From Fine & Fragile to Thick & Curly, there are even funky colours and designs to match your personality. For damp hair, try The Wet Detangler

Step 3: To achieve effortless waves, use Dyson’s 1.6 inch Airwap barrel to part your hair into smaller sections. Next, alternate the direction that you wrap your hair every now and then, so the waves fall in different ways.  

The Dyson Airwrap is definitely one of the most expensive hair styling tools on the market, because of its technology called the Coanda Effect, which uses a form of air pressure to style wet or dry hair. The best part? No extreme heat is used. 

Step 4: Dispense a small amount of Olaplex’s No. 7 bonding oil onto your bare hands and apply evenly.

Unlike other hair oils in the market, this lightweight hair oil is nourishing and rejuvenating—leaving you with softer and silkier hair than ever before. 

Image credit: Tangle Teezer