February 27, 2018

The recent spate of torrential showers seem to have subsided, but given how erratic the weather can be, we never know when there’ll be another downpour. It’s best to be prepared with the right gear for such moments, so why not take it up a notch in the style department, rain or shine?

From coats, boots and umbrellas, here are 5 sartorially chic items that make you look à la mode even in a downpour. 


Balenciaga Opera Rain Coat

A long hooded windbreaker is always a good option if you’re looking to protect yourself from the wind and rain. Balenciaga’s coat does just that with the versatility of a detachable hood that rolls to pack, under the collar. Pure black with the label emblazoned across the back, this raincoat will keep you cool and dry with functional eyelets and adjustable volume.

Mycra Pac ‘Mini Donatella Leopard’ Reversible Travel Coat

This reversible travel coat from Mycra Pac features a pleated hood that doubles as a face-framing collar. Featuring leopard print on one side and plain golden brown on the other, it’s a versatile piece ideal for impromptu trips. It comes with a travel bag and is both water-repellent and wrinkle-resistant.

Clarks Londonrain GTX

If you can’t live without your heels, Clarks has just the pair that is specially made to weather those storms with you. Featuring the company’s signature waterproof GORE-TEX Performance membraned leather, this sleek black pair of ankle boots is an instant style upgrade.


Hunter Short Back Adjustable Wellington Boots

Tired of stepping in puddles and getting your feet soaked? Hunter’s short-back Wellingtons are the perfect foot gear offering just the right amount of comfort. Designed for full waterproofing, it tightens via a back strap which is expandable for easy wear. Each pair is handcrafted and comes in an array of attractive colours including more conventional navy and black, as well as a cute pink hue to brighten grey days.

Fulton Lulu Guinness Birdcage Domed Umbrella

If you prefer carrying a brolly to wearing a raincoat, choose one that accentuates your femininity. Fulton’s Lulu Guinness umbrella not only has a unique dome shape, but also an intricate birdcage motif that is charmingly whimsical. Fibreglass constructed ribs keeps it sturdy againsts gusts of wind, while a chrome handle lends your look snappy pizzazz.

Image Credits: Balenciaga, Clarks, Hunter, Fulton