December 17, 2019

It takes effort to find the right jewellery to match and elevate an outfit—a mini-ordeal every woman faces. With more independent jewellery labels waiting to be discovered on Instagram, take comfort in the fact that the process won’t be so tedious anymore. Most of the platform’s curated fashion accounts also feature an array of unique styles that deviate from the mainstream, allowing you to shop for one-of-a-kind pieces that are distinctly different. From Maria Tash’s daintier pieces to the abstract designs of Alta Ora Jewellery, turn to these five Insta-famous brands to spice up your look just in time for the New Year.


This Canada-based brand is often sported by celebrities like Lizzo and Oprah on their Instagram stories. Founded in 2013, Mejuri aims to cater to modern women who gravitate towards simple, yet well-made accessories. As a testament to their popularity, Mejuri has a combined product waitlist of nearly 40,000 people, showing that their designs are poised to become perennial favourites among jewellery enthusiasts.

Daisy Jewellery

Daisy has become a go-to brand for many, thanks to their well-loved chakra chokers which can be seen on the necks of many during the music festival season. Since their inaugural collection, they have progressed to launching designs based on consumer movements to further appeal to their target demographic. Most recently, their collaboration with London influencer Estée Lalonde garnered them a greater online presence and gave rise to a new line of effortlessly chic trinkets.

Bar Jewellery

Former ready-to-wear Burberry designer Sophie Mckay launched Bar in 2014, creating items in London using high-quality refined and recycled silver. Drawing inspiration from vintage jewellery, she designs these pared-back pieces to be layered. With the likes of Emma Watson and Jenna Coleman flaunting her abstract, statement accessories on Instagram, you’d be tempted to put Bar on your radar too.

Maria Tash

A renowned niche body piercer since 1993, Maria Tash’s services have been raved about by Beyoncé and Scarlett Johansson, amongst other celebrities. Self-coining the term “fine body art”, her jewellery is suited for septum, navel and nipple piercings that are more alternative. If you appreciate her gold handcuff clickers or single spiked diamond earrings, this is the site you ought to visit.

Alta Ora Jewellery

Alta Ora (which translates to “elevated times” in misspelt Portuguese) sells made-to-order jewellery, handcrafted in New York. Its founder, Natalia Grosner, a former graphic designer, took inspiration from the architecture she often admired in her childhood in Brasilia. Combining that with her appreciation for form and balance, she developed a flair for turning abstract shapes into wearable objects.

Image Credits: Daisy Jewellery, Alta Ora Jewellery