January 2, 2018

The Allure is compact and is specially designed for the sophisticated lady who exalts her skincare and makeup regime and demands a smart digital mirror assistant.

The Allure is as luxurious as the first Mirror. While the original Mirror is a large tall mirror meant for hallways and bathrooms, the Allure is a beauty mirror inspired by the silhouette of a wedding gown, with a sleeker profile that fits easily on dressing tables or office desks.

Makeup right with “Natural Lighting” and Curated Content

With the Allure, the user can integrate the streamed curated beauty content such as the latest makeup news, cosmetic and skincare highlights into her daily regime. With the “Natural Sunlight” feature, the Allure illuminates the user’s face with a LumièreMax® rim lighting that mimics the sunlight in any room setting, regardless of the ambient colour cast, for the perfect natural light. This feature is a lifesaver for many ladies who need to ensure their makeup is done right without worrying about unnatural ambient lighting that may have blue or other gaudy colour casts.


Lipstick simulator

With the pre-loaded Sephora app’s “Virtual Reality” feature, the Allure can overlay simulated lipstick on the user’s face, through the built-in camera which scans the user’s face into the system. This allows the user to easily determine the ideal or preferred lipstick colour for the day, without having the hassle to physically and laboriously apply lipsticks of various colours first. This will surely be a hit with ladies who coordinate their makeup styles according to their daily wardrobe and moods. Should the user fall in love with the simulated lipsticks, the app also enables effortless purchase of their chosen beauty products with the tap of a button.

Period and ovulation tracking

The Allure comes pre-loaded with the Flo Period Tracker app for users to monitor their menstrual cycles with ease. Users will begin each day knowing exactly which stage of their cycle they are in, thanks to the app’s artificial intelligence, and will never be caught off-guard again.

The Allure is a tiny marvel, with additional features such as:

  • Spotify-enabled
  • State-of-the-art surround sound system
  • Built-in 8-megapixel camera
  • Colour Rending Index (CRI) of 96 for more accurate natural sunlight feature
  • Wi-fi and Bluetooth enabled
  • Cord-free, chargeable via USB

“As a smart lifestyle products company, we are constantly innovating to bring exceptional smart products to become able digital assistants for our customers. The new Allure is yet another product that we believe will become a much loved beauty assistant for the discerning consumers,” says Jonathan Yuan, CEO and founder, FRED Technologies. “We are continuing to work with more partners both in terms of apps and beauty hardware, through our built-in software upgrading paths, so that the Allure, as well as its larger sibling the Mirror, will become more useful even over time.”

The Allure, in Rose Gold, will retail for SGD 499, and is available online for pre-orders now (at 5% off). Allure will also be retailing at Ion Orchard Proof Living, Scanteak Signature at Singapore Post Centre, and Scanteak Signature at Suntec City Mall.