August 21, 2018

Renowned for its use of innovative and rare materials, Moynat transcends through time with its tradition of championing unusual and precious materials. Moynat artistic director Ramesh Nair shares his one-of-a-kind personal vision on the development of rare leathers and ground-breaking techniques.

Croco Camouflage 

Starting with a play on the word “camouflage”—a reference to the crocodile’s hunting style using stealth and blending into its surroundings whether in water or on land, the result was the unexpected use of military camouflage patterns onto crocodile skin.

Taking the unprecedented to ever-higher levels of intricacy is a hallmark of Moynat. For the realisation of the camouflage, the inherent beauty of the scales is emphasized by water-based dyes applied in multiple coats to add depth, with bespoke hand-stencilled patterns. A truly inimitable work of art, the haute couture creation is exceptional to the eye and to the touch.

Croco Ceramique 

Roused by the ancient glazing techniques of Asian ceramics and their of depth and layering of colours, as well as the crackle effect, Ramesh experimented with innovative techniques of dyeing and polishing on select crocodile skins.

Different colours are applied in layers, starting with the lightest hue and progressing to the darkest. Between each layer of colour, the skin is polished by hand with a soft cloth to reveal the underlying coat of colour. As the scales of the crocodile skin are gently rounded but not flat, the pressure exerted during polishing is crucial in determining how delicately the colours are simultaneously retained and revealed on each scale and the spaces between scales. Further complexity lies in achieving harmony between several skins that go into making each bag, which requires the skill and eye of the master artisan to achieve the desired effect for the Moynat skins.