October 4, 2019

The fifth edition of the biannual Patek Philippe Watch Art Grand Exhibition has arrived on our shores, and it’s the largest so far, showcasing hundreds of different timepieces from different time periods. It features some of the world’s earliest watches from the 16th century created for the Chinese market, rare timepieces from private collectors and the Patek Philippe Museum, as well as a room dedicated to the timepieces in its current collection. Held at the Sands Theatre at Marina Bay Sands, the event is modelled after the Geneva Patek Philippe Salons, with 10 different rooms that replicate the experience of their salons in Geneva and showcase the full capabilities of the legendary watchmakers.

The event is open to public and runs from now till October 13. Tickets are also available online for free. To cater to families with young kids, it has designated October 6 and 13 as family days where there’ll be children-friendly interactive activities for the whole family to enjoy. Audio guides in both English and Chinese are available as well.

It may seem rather daunting at first, but the friendly demeanour of the event staff and the Patek Philippe team will make it a memorable experience. If you’re still on the fence about attending, these five highlights from the exhibition might change your mind.

The iconic timepieces

The most important element of an exhibition solely dedicated to a prestigious and storied brand like Patek Philippe has to be the timepieces themselves. Here, you’ll get to admire Patek Philippe’s current collection up close and in full, as well as extremely rare and unique pieces from the Patek Philippe Museum and the vaults of private collectors. Among those featured are watches belonging to royalty, such as the fob watch presented to Queen Elizabeth back in 1851, the coveted ref. 5270P with the salmon dial, and the Grandmaster Chime. Don’t miss the Grand Complications Room, where you’ll find the finest and most complex timepieces created by Patek Philippe.

The limited edition Singapore-inspired designs

Singapore has always been a huge market for Patek Philippe. Hosting the latest and greatest Watch Art Grand Exhibition in Singapore is therefore a no-brainer. To celebrate this monumental event for both the brand and our country, Patek Philippe released six limited edition watches, specially made to commemorate this event. One of our favourites is the World Time Minute Repeater with a cloisonné dial depicting the city skyline of Singapore.

The Rare Handcrafts room

In the Rare Handcrafts room, artisans of all disciplines come together to demonstrate the meticulous craftsmanship that elevates the Patek Philippe brand, cementing the brand’s legacy as the finest watchmakers in the world. Here, you’ll meet Anita Porchet, the world’s finest independent enamelist, a legend among collectors, who collaborates frequently with Patek Philippe and will be at the event to offer a hands-on demonstration of the enamelling process. You’ll also find other artisans demonstrating their crafts, such as wood marquetry and guilloche patterning.

Chatting with master watchmakers

The highly revered watchmakers are the engine that drives the vehicle that is Patek Philippe. These are masters who have dedicated their lives crafting these intricate little machines in the valleys of Switzerland. You can feel their burning passion for the art of watchmaking in the enthusiastic way they explain how the different mechanisms drive the movement within a watch. Look out for the men and women in lab coats—these are the mad scientists of watchmaking that you’ll have the privilege of speaking to and learning from.

Learning about the history of Patek Philippe

Here’s one for the history buffs. If you are a total geek for the brand story and history of Patek Philippe, do not miss the film screening in the Cinema Room. The film covers the rich history and legacy of the brand since its founding in 1839 at the mecca of watchmaking—Canton of Geneva and Vallée de Joux in Switzerland. Who knows? You might even make a new friend or two with the same passion for history and horology.