January 16, 2018

Once you’ve seen it in action, you can’t deny the appeal of the UR-210. To appreciate it fully, you have to keep your eyes glued to the dial as the minutes hand approaches the end of its hour. Urwerk presents the extraordinary UR-210 in a black platinum version; the most exclusive model of the UR210s, making it irresistible.

The central hub ensures that the mechanism remains stable. Turning on ruby bearings, it constitutes the rock on which the entire complication rests. A cylindrical spring of the type used in marine chronometers along the shaft accumulates the power for the retrograde action. The minutes hand that acts as a cowling to transport the hours has equally uncommon dimensions, machined to the hundredth of a millimetre. The dial of the timepiece also features a conventional power-reserve indicator at 1 o’clock. Opposite, at 11 o’clock, what appears to be a similar indication is in fact very different because it shows the winding efficiency during the last two hours.

A world’s first—this device calculates the energy flow and it doesn’t depend on the tension of the barrel spring.

The hand of the winding efficiency indicator will move inexorably towards the red sector when you’re not moving much. However, the hand will move towards the green sector when more energy is being created than consumed.

The UR-210 Black Platinum is available is a limited edition of 25 pieces.