June 19, 2018

Scarves are a great way to accessorise with panache. Not just for keeping warm, the right scarf can enliven plainer outfits or tone down louder ones. Often made with silk or cashmere, variations from fashion powerhouses range from classic designs to the more expressive striking prints that distinctly label you as a man of style. If you want to exude a louche appeal, here are 5 peacock-y recommendations that are statement-makers.

Alexander McQueen Painted Roses Selvedge Scarf

Nothing short of tailoring artistry, Alexander McQueen’s cashmere and silk scarf features a red on black painted rose print so intricately detailed, that it could be framed as a masterpiece. With the designer’s name selvedge along the border and frayed ends, this scarf enhances any apparel with a dash of debonair sophistication.

Salvatore Ferragamo Double Line Scarf

Sharpen your look with Ferragamo’s double line scarf in a Loden and Olive two-tone. An ideal complement for your lighter and more neutral-coloured ensembles, deck up a grey suit by simply draping it over or knotting it around your neck. Either way, this number is a sure way to turn on the charm.

Shanghai Tang Wool Shou Jacquard Scarf

Add a touch of auspiciousness with Shanghai Tang’s jacquard scarf that has subtle patterns of the Chinese Shou symbol. A sign depicting good fortune and longevity, the scarf comes in dark wine red—perfect for those who are superstitious by nature.

Valentino Printed Scarf

Valentino blends delicate workmanship and exquisite materials with the rugged allure of a military green camouflage print. By throwing white, black and blue stripes in the mix, suddenly you’ve got a statement piece that you makes you a little more interesting.

Paul Smith Signature Stripe Polka Dot Scarf

Paul Smith invites you into the colourful world of prints with this cheerful striped and polka dot scarf. Best paired with either dark or light tones, the amalgamation of colours and patterns is an explosion of vibrancy that is synonymous with the brand. However, if you feeling more conservative, there is a navy option.


Image Credits: Alexander McQueen, Valentino, Paul Smith