April 28, 2017

Fancy self-lacing kicks or a weather monitoring bikini? Wearable tech brings the future to you today. In our constantly connected lifestyle, digital convenience has become essential to our daily routine and this trendy revolution is only set to grow. Get with the times or be left behind, here are our top 5 picks that combine the geek with the chic.


Fydelity JAMBOX G-Force Shoulder Bag Silver

Bring the party wherever you go with this shoulder bag that has built-in speakers and an amplifier. The retro boombox design certainly sets the right tone and ups the cool factor. The company also does variations in the form of fanny packs, backpacks and transportable coolers.

Digitsole Smartshoe 001

In true Back to the Future fashion, Digitsole brings you the most connected footwear to date. It’s loaded with cool features like Shock Absorption Measurement and built-in accelerometer for precise tracking of your workout and biodata, all sent to your iOS or Android phone via Bluetooth. The coolest function though has to be its automatic tightening system operated either from your device or by voice control. Radical!

Spinali Design Neviano Smart Bikini

Ladies can now bask in the sun without worrying about UV rays. This swimwear comes equipped with a removable medallion-style waterproof sensor that pairs with your smartphone via the accompanying app. Just enter your skin type and it continuously monitors external temperatures and sends you notifications to get some shade or if you need to apply more sunscreen. Made from high-grade fabric, it is comfortable too.

Project Jacquard

Technology marries fashion in this collaboration between Google and Levi’s. Their Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket is specifically designed for urban cyclists and bikers alike. The smart tag on its sleeve is integrated with touch and gesture sensors, allowing you to interact with music and map apps as well as normal phone functions completely hands-free, so you can focus on the road. This jacket is available end of Spring this year.

Pebble Time Round Smartwatch

Can’t decide between a Samsung and an Apple Watch? Pebble’s offering is compatible with both platforms in a single device. Packed into its classy minimal design are a range of capabilities like an activity and sleep tracker, music controls, and voice dictation functions for messages and calls. You can also receive most notifications from your third party apps so you’re always updated in real-time. Its unconventional round 2.5D Gorilla Glass face and marine-grade stainless steel chassis do not just exude beauty but durability too. This smartwatch comes in black, silver and rose gold frames with a variety of straps.