May 3, 2017

With travel being such a common affair in our peripatetic lifestyle, it is important to be well-organised and appropriately equipped. In recent years, there has been a rise of smart luggage with electronic features that have helped to make travelling more convenient. Here are a few picks you might want to consider for your next adventure.


Neit Collapsible Luggage

For the space conscious traveller, Neit brings you this unique collapsible luggage. Its frame is made from aircraft-grade aluminium, coupled with a revolutionary design, which can be folded flat for easy storage while its use of polycarbonate keeps it functionally light.

Collapsing it is a less-than-10-second swift and simple process. Fully closed, it measures less than 3 inches thick, but still retains its durability so it’s easily stowed under the bed or hung in the closet with a carabiner-style handle.

Other cool features include an integrated GPS tracker via the company’s travel app, which also lets you store your boarding pass, check flight statuses and map routes amongst other travel essential functions. Never get lost or lose your luggage again. The Neit collapsible luggage comes in Check-in and Cabin sizes.

Barracuda Carry-On Luggage

Packed with a load of interestingly useful features, this carry-on from Barracuda is like the ‘Swiss Army Knife of Bags’, and is a true jetsetter’s companion.

It collapses to 1/3 of its thickness and the company provides a sleek storage bag so you can tuck it away and keep it from dust when unused. There’s also a large laundry bag as well as a shoe bag for your packing convenience.

The Halo Handle system has a circular handle that rotates a full 360-degrees and can be locked in one of 6 positions, so you can find the ideal comfort level for your wrist. The handle itself hides an extendable pull-out tray table with two cup holders, with just enough space for your laptop. Another nifty little feature is the 10,000 mAh USB charger stowed in the back for device charging so you’ll never run out of juice.

Trunkster Unconventional Luggage

As the name implies, the Trunkster does away with the conventional zipper and latch lock mechanism, opting instead for a sliding roll top door—the first and only one of its kind.

The suitcase is water, drop and impact resistant, and is designed to allow easy access to your belongings, even when it is standing upright. It also has a high grade heavy-duty integrated digital scale directly built into the cargo handle for managing airline weight restrictions. This luggage also comes with a USB charging outlet and global tracking.

Modobag Rideable Luggage

If you’re one who doesn’t like long walks in airports, Modobag gives you a rideable luggage you can actually zip around on! A swift extension of its telescoping handlebars and quick release foot pegs instantaneously transforms this seemingly regular carry-on into a mini moped with dual speed control button. Good for a distance of 6 miles on a single charge, its UL approved smart charger replenishes full battery power in an hour.

Its memory foam cushion seats are made for comfort even when stationary so you never have to worry if you need to sit down and rest your legs. Keep your devices and important documents easily reachable with the crush proof laptop compartment and side pockets. The bag also includes dual USB charging ports and battery life display as well as enough internal space for all your carry-on needs!


Can’t find a ramp to haul up your suitcase? With TraxPack’s unique low profile, zero drag built in dual tracks, simply roll the luggage up or down the stairs with ease. Its handle tilts at an angle comfortable enough to facilitate any steepness and also doubles up as a media stand, so you can place your device on it for hands-free entertainment while awaiting your commute. Also integrated are USB charging ports and an electronic scale to keep your luggage weight in check.