January 19, 2022

2022 is the Year of the Water Tiger, a year made for bold action. The Tiger is known for its power, courage, and ability to do everything on a grand scale. Need some inspiration for your next holiday destination? We got some help from Heavens Portfolio to give us suggestions for each Chinese Zodiac sign.

Year of the Rat: Paris, France

People born in the Year of the Rat are clever, curious, and highly resourceful. They crave variety on their holidays. Paris beckons with its bustling river banks, the beauty and charm of its architecture, cuisine, and countless opportunities to explore art, culture, and history.

Stay at Cheval Blanc Paris, which overlooks the Seine, in the heart of the capital. Cheval Blanc Paris embodies the French art de vivre: epicurean pleasures, hospitality for family and friends. As is fitting in Paris, the gastronomic capital, the hotel gives pride of place to the culinary arts with an inspired approach.

Year of the Ox: Corfu, Greece

The hardworking Ox prefers quiet and calm holidays. Tranquillity is the first word that springs to mind when you think of Corfu, and if you are craving some time spent in peaceful contemplation, you will find solace in the breathtaking views of Greece’s Ionian Sea.

Overlooking the Ionian sea, Ultima Corfu (part of Ultima Collection’s unique property collection with luxury design and services from hotels, residences, and villas to spas, and private clinics, across the hottest locations in Europe) is an ocean-front villa located on the emerald island of Corfu, Greece. Offering spectacular 180-degree views of the Greek and Albanian coasts, it comprises a main villa and a guest villa with six en-suite bedrooms, private balconies and terraces overlooking the sea.

Year of the Tiger: Lausanne, Switzerland

People born in the Year of the Tiger are confident, passionate, and ambitious adventurers yet even the boldest of beasts need to stop to smell the roses. Take stock and indulge in moments of reflection in Lausanne.

Ideally situated on the banks of Lake Geneva, Beau-Rivage Palace is nestled in natural beauty, just a stone’s throw away from the centre of Lausanne. The hotel’s four-hectare large garden and splendid terrace form an oasis of calm, ideal for recharging one’s batteries. The view onto Lake Geneva and the Alps exudes a unique serenity, as if outside of time.

Year of the Rabbit: Hua Hin, Thailand

In 2022, Rabbits will seek out holistic experiences to bring them peace of mind. A sanctity they might find in Hua Hin, Thailand; where they will want their own minds to reflect the clear waters as they relish moments of relaxation in paradise.

Stay at Chiva-Som, a pioneer in transformative wellness practices to global acclaim and Asia’s first comprehensive wellness resort. The beachfront property spans seven acres of paradise, has six modalities, offering guests the opportunity to focus on fitness, spa, nutrition, physio, ascetic beauty or holistic elements.

Year of the Dragon: New York, USA

The powerful Dragon is the single mythical creature among the Chinese zodiac signs. Those born in the Year of the Dragon are strong and courageous leaders, with a love for adventure and romance. There’s no city that fits the bill like New York.

Baccarat Hotel New York is the first hotel and global flagship of the 255-year-old crystal brand Baccarat. The Museum of Modern Art and shopping on Fifth Avenue are just steps away. Designed by the Parisian design team Gilles & Boissier, the 114 beautifully appointed guest rooms and suites emphasise luxurious décor and exquisite craftsmanship, like Baccarat’s crystal craftsmanship.

Year of the Snake: Samarkand, Uzbekistan

This year, good fortune awaits the Snake on the Silk Road and where else to start but in Uzbekistan. Many of the top sights of the Silk Road are to be found in Uzbekistan, which served as a central crossroad for traders and travellers plying the routes between the Far East and Europe, Persia and North Africa.

Silk Road Samarkand, a multifunctional tourist complex designed to become a modern attraction not only of the city of Samarkand, but also of the entire Central Asia, will be opened for visitors in 2022. The complex will combine cultural, gastro, medical and business tourism facilities. The new complex will house world-class hotels, specialized boutique hotels, contemporary public spaces, parks, recreation and sports areas, authentic restaurants, cafes and bars, as well as an international congress hall and sites of cultural interest.

Year of the Horse: Graubünden, Switzerland

Horses feel the need to run free and throw caution to the win this year instead of continuing with their daily routine; instead of pinning themselves to an itinerary they crave freedom. The Swiss Canton of Graubünden calls to the Horse with its limitless possibilities.

Holidays in Graubünden are varied and diverse. Discover the interplay between pristine wilderness and top-notch, modern tourism infrastructure—from tranquil mountain villages in the Bergell region to the sleek and sophisticated hotels in St. Moritz which has hosted the Winter Olympics twice, as well as famous European towns such as Chur, Laxx, and Tschiertschen. The Graubünden is “the largest canton in Switzerland” and also the number one holiday destination in Switzerland. The hometown of Little Heidi and a paradise for ski enthusiasts.

Year of the Goat: Milan, Italy

Goats are social creatures. They are uniquely aware of how doors open through relationships and are eager to seize an opportunity when presented. Milan is without a doubt the capital of Italian and international fashion. It is cosmopolitan and incorporates luxury, art, gastronomy and culture.

Situated in the heart of the historic centre of Milan, in the city’s prestigious fashion district, sits the Armani Hotel Milano, providing a world of harmony, privacy and calm in true Armani style. Award-winning dining, luxurious leisure, spa facilities and signature Armani hospitality combine to create the ultimate experiences.

Year of the Monkey: Langkawi, Malaysia

Although the Monkey is the antagonist of the Tiger, this year won’t be as foreboding as you think; so long as you remain disciplined and optimistic, the positive stars will accompany you in all aspects of life. The Jewel of Kedah, Langkawi is just the ticket to get you in the right frame of mind.

This serene haven is where you can reconnect with nature and uplift your soul. The Datai Langkawi offers the perfect escape and allows you to nurture to the full the well-being of your mind, body and spirit. Datai Bay is rated as one of the top ten beaches in the world by National Geographic and, together with the resort’s surrounding jungle, is host to a wealth of wildlife, some of which is endemic to the area. You may well find spirit animals in the Dusky langurs and Sunda colugos spotted during your stay.

Year of the Rooster: The French Riviera

We can expect great things for the Rooster this year, in wealth, luck and love. So why not chase the golden glow of a French Riviera summer?

Located by crystal clear seas and verdant parkland, Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc is the custodian of some truly special flora and fauna. Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc has hosted those in search of the Riviera’s rare and delicious pleasures every season since 1870. Carefree days spent secluded between the private bay and parkland, enjoying the elegant country club facilities. Discover the captivating beauty of the Côte d’Azur and a region rich in art and culture.

Year of the Dog: Baden-Baden, Germany

The loveable Dog is loyal and sweet, and the natural justice seeker of the Chinese zodiac signs. They’re also playful and active and love getting out into nature so the spa town of Baden-Baden, Germany will provide an invigorating wellness immersion.

Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa, situated in the heart of the picturesque, cosmopolitan town of Baden-Baden, presents itself as an oasis of beauty surrounded by enchanting parkland. Tradition and modern elegance connect with unparalleled spa experiences in the legendary grand hotel. Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa has been a place of relaxation and diversion for the travelling elite since 1872. Here you can enjoy all that Baden-Baden is renowned for with one of the most advanced spas in Europe, offering
luxurious therapy and long-term cures while surrounded by refreshing natural parkland and high culture.

Year of the Pig: Dubai, UAE

The affable Pig has boundless energy and needs a destination that affords it the same buzz. Dubai is an energised city of skyscrapers, ports, and beaches, where big business takes place alongside sun-seeking tourism—the best of both worlds.

At Address Beach Resort, expect to be spoilt for choice. Whether that is choosing to take a plunge in one of the tallest rooftop infinity pools or sunbathing on our private beach, you have a wide array of options to enjoy from. The unparalleled views of the Arabian Gulf and Dubai Marina will leave a lasting impression. Address Beach Resort rests in Jumeirah Beach Residence, nestled in the heart of The Beach.