August 27, 2018

CGS-CIMB Securities International through its wholly-owned subsidiary, CGS-CIMB Securities (Singapore), launches its latest offering, CGS-CIMB eWealth. The robo-advisory platform taps on the Company‟s strong research capabilities to provide goal-based and thematic portfolios to help investors meet their need for investment diversification through pairing portfolios with investors‟ risk profiles and investment objectives.

Ms Carol Fong, Group CEO of CGS-CIMB Securities (Singapore) said, “CGS-CIMB eWealth is a good complement to our existing brokerage business which helps clients to grow their wealth with mid-to-long term strategies. Leveraging our strong research capabilities, we will provide clients with a wide range of portfolio selections, from conservative options for those with a low-risk appetite to aggressive ones for investors who possess a higher risk tolerance and want to achieve above-market returns.”

Through algorithms, the platform offers guided investment journeys with regular rebalancing of investment portfolios to help clients stay on track with their investment objectives. Catering to the digital savvy investors, the eWealth platform provides a total online on-boarding experience. If all documents are in order, the clients can start investing in 1 to 2 days. As an added convenience, clients can use PayNow to fund their investments.

Among the two types of strategies, goal-based investing focuses on providing portfolios that seek to achieve market returns with an initial investment starting from S$3,500. On the other hand, thematic investing, which combines quantitative strategies with factor-based investing in constructing baskets of stocks to capitalise on the latest market trends, seeks to achieve above-market returns. The platform currently offers thematic portfolios such as “US Refining” which allows investors to invest in companies that are likely beneficiaries of rising oil prices. There is also the “S-REITs” portfolio for clients looking for yield, and it allows clients to own ten individual listed REITs without incurring the usual minimum brokerage charges as compared to purchasing stocks individually.

Apart from developing its own portfolios, CGS-CIMB eWealth is also actively working with market leaders to provide investors with more investment ideas and solutions. This is to achieve the objective of providing greater choice to investors via a robo-advisory platform.

Clients also retain control over the selling and buying of portfolios while having full transparency of the constituents of the portfolio that they have invested. Apart from potential capital gains, investors also enjoy any corporate actions, such as dividend payment, taken by the companies in the portfolio. This is because the investors hold the stocks purchased under the portfolio.

CGS-CIMB eWealth is provided in partnership with Saxo Capital Markets, a subsidiary of Danish investment bank Saxo Bank A/S, and WeInvest, a Singapore-based Fintech firm.

Adam Reynolds, CEO Saxo Capital Markets said, “We strongly believe that partnerships and technology sharing will be defining the financial industry in the coming years bringing enormous improvements in quality of service and offering to clients. Our combined solution with CGS-CIMB and WeInvest is a hallmark example of Fintech partnerships in Singapore. Through our collective strength, CGS-CIMB‟s clients now get access to unique and cost-effective investment opportunities that have previously only been available to a select few. We support the solution with our core strengths in global capital markets access, automation as well as flexible and open technology through our OpenAPI solutions.”

Bhaskar Prabhakara, CEO and Co-founder at WeInvest added, “Our collaboration with CGS-CIMB Securities is aimed not only at the young or digitally savvy investors through a self-service advisory solution, but also empowering the advisors to provide the best possible investment solutions for their esteemed clients. This hybrid approach to service clients across the Asia market is a first and an exciting way forward. Both goal-based and thematic investing journey also reshapes traditional views on digital advisory.”

CGS-CIMB eWealth is also available to individual investors, corporates and financial advisory firms in and out of Singapore.