June 25, 2019

If you aren’t aware yet, sustainable fashion has been going on since the 60s, but the trend has only pervaded the industry this year with a more conscious focus on how clothes are being made. While fast fashion companies like H&M and ZARA tend to get away with everything (think affordable pieces ripped from the runway) to increase their bottom line, brands like Stella McCartney and Reformation have made sustainability at the heart of their label and are dedicated to creating ethical fashion items that are built to last. How’s that for a change? Increasing textile and toxic chemical waste doesn’t help our climate, and we can evidently feel the heat. If you want to play your part as a consumer, here are 5 environmentally conscious labels that contribute to a greener earth.

Stella McCartney

This may come as a surprise to many, but Stella McCartney was one of the pioneer designers to champion sustainable fashion. Being vocal about animal cruelty for years, we see luxe faux fur and vegan leather incorporated tastefully in her collections—and they all look just as good as the real deal.


Cult fashion label Reformation is well-known for their exquisite silhouettes made from repurposed clothing and deadstock fabrics. The feminine yet refined style is beloved by many including the Duchess of Sussex, who has been seen at various events donning the eco-friendly brand as part of her fashion ensemble. What did we say about a balance of exceptional design without taking a toll on the environment?


Finally, a sustainable premium brand that celebrates the love of denim featuring whimsical cuts and colours, with an added spice of cutouts and racer stripes. Other than the complete range of clothing for women, men and kids, we praise DL1961 for embracing inclusivity coming up with sizes that fit all body types.


While most sustainable clothing can often come with a hefty price tag, Everlane has created affordable basics for both men and women. Basic yet chic, Everlane always finds a way to elevate their designs in a subtle and timeless way. 

Mara Hoffman

Bold colours, trippy graphics, and modern silhouettes are all representative of the Mara Hoffman aesthetic. Other than beautiful going out dresses, what differentiates Mara Hoffman from the rest is their swimwear and resort collections. High-waisted bikinis, loud prints and the almost-excessive use of contrasting colours are what we kinda live for.