April 6, 2020

Individuals impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak can further seek financial reprieve from the latest announcement by CIMB Bank Singapore for its consumer banking customers.

Following the news of the Special Financial Relief Programme by the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s guidelines, CIMB has further enhanced its “COVID-19 CIMB Care Package” it previously rolled out to include:

– CIMB Property and Renovation & Education Loans: Deferment of monthly instalments till 31 Dec 2020. Includes Singapore (HDB, Private and Commercial) & Overseas (Australia, London and Malaysia) for property loans

– CIMB Credit Cards: Convert outstanding balance to a relief loan with tenures of up to 5 years

– CIMB Credit Cards Grab Promotion: Up to S$10 in GrabFood promo codes

“With the escalating situation of COVID-19, we understand that this could potentially affect the well-being of our customers. Financial concerns and loss of job security could lead to a bleak outlook. Our financial schemes offered in the COVID-19 CIMB Care Package are targeted at customers of varying segments. It complements the financial schemes we rolled out for our SME financing segment, providing a more holistic support system for all our customers.

We know that the purse strings are tighter now, especially for those with heavy loans. So to ease their burden, we have allowed for deferment of monthly instalments and converting of balances to a relief loan, amongst others. Furthermore, to encourage more people to stay safe indoors, we are offering GrabFood promotion codes with their CIMB Credit Cards. It’s going to be a long road ahead but we will overcome it together,” shared Mr Victor Lee, CEO of CIMB Bank Singapore.