October 16, 2017

Delta, a global leader in thermal and power management solutions, showcased its range of Complete Datacenter Infrastructure Solutions at the Data Center World.  Delta’s datacenter infrastructure solutions InfraSuite are complemented by its broad range of datacenter power and cooling systems together with the company’s datacenter infrastructure management (DCIM) platform, InfraSuite Manager.

Modern datacenters are becoming increasingly complex. They are growing both larger with respect to footprint and denser in terms of compute power and the amount of equipment they house. DCIM implementations have grown exponentially, and they offer tangible, real-world benefits. That makes it essential not only for facility managers, but also for CIOs and IT managers to stay abreast of the latest developments in this space. The InfraSuite Manager (DCIM) monitoring solution is able to manage power, energy, assets, work orders, security, capacity, and more. In addition, Delta also launched its new InfraSuite Device Master, a scalable and cost-effective software solution to simplify automated device monitoring. The InfraSuite Device Master is available as a free download that includes monitoring for up to five nodes.

Delta also showcased its new state-of-the-art online double conversion modular UPS, the DPH series 500kVA. The new UPS boasts the world’s highest power density 500kVA in a 19″ rack cabinet. For large datacenters and colocation or cloud service providers, the DPH 500kVA UPS offers advanced failure detection and event analysis capabilities to proactively ensure reliability.

“Annual global IP traffic is expected to grow over the next few years. High-performance data center solutions with high power density and energy efficiency will be essential to IT managers,” said Dr. Charles Tsai, general manager of Delta Electronics’ Mission Critical Infrastructure Solutions business unit. To echo the IT business environment change, Delta InfraSuite offers a comprehensive, modular, and highly integrated portfolio to global customers. They include a world-leading colocation service provider in the Asia-Pacific region, high power density datacenters for high performance computing in Taiwan, a German luxury automaker, a Berlin-based hosting company, and airports in Poland, Australia, and South Korea. 

Some of the highlights of the Delta datacenter infrastructure technologies on display at Data Centre World include the following:

The world’s highest power density at 500kVA in a single 19″ rack cabinet

The latest addition to the Modulon DPH series of Delta’s new state-of-the-art online double conversion UPS systems boasts the world’s highest power density at 55.6kVA per 3U module. In a single 19″ rack, the Modulon DPH series UPS 500kVA has achieved the world’s highest per-rack power density and saves significant datacenter space for large or colocation datacenter customers.

High integration, flexibility, and scalability

The live demonstration of the InfraSuite modular datacenter highlights the degree of system integration and flexibility Delta solutions enable. In an ever-changing IT world, Delta’s InfraSuite features a ‘pay-as-you-go’ system making it possible to right-size infrastructure as needed with lower up-front investment. Thanks to the modular design of Modulon DPH series UPS 500kVA, it enables advanced control of power module redundancy as well as the ability to add capacity and scalability.

Cutting-edge reliability and energy efficiency

Reliability is a crucial factor in ensuring datacenter availability. The fault-tolerant design of the Modulon DPH series UPS 500kVA integrates advanced features to ensure reliability such as power module redundancy, a dual CAN bus, onboard control logic, and self-synchronization. As a green datacenter advocate and provider, Delta is determined to help enterprises optimize power usage effectiveness (PUE).  This latest UPS from Delta is also an environmentally responsible choice, boasting an AC-AC conversion efficiency of up to 96.5% in normal operation and 99% in ECO mode. Delta’s green cooling solution RowCool series features high inlet water temperature and variable fan speed control to optimize total cost of ownership (TCO).

Superior manageability

Delta’s DCIM solution InfraSuite Manager integrates all facilities and IT equipment into a single platform for comprehensive and remote management, placing complete control of the entire datacenter at the fingertips of IT managers.