May 26, 2017

With technology and fashion often overlapping, there are now numerous apps which can help if you’re unsure on what to wear. From curating your own outfits and organising your wardrobe to getting style advice and live updates of latest trends and availability, these apps are an essential tool for any fashionista. With a wide network of users to interact and exchange tips, they are also a good guide for the savvy and curious. Here are 5 apps to up your style game.


Delve into a world of dresses, bags, shoes and accessories from different retailers—all in a single app. Dubbed ‘The Tinder for Shoes’, Stylect has a similar left and right swiping interface for selecting what you like and rejecting what you don’t—without hurting any egos. The app is built to instinctively learn your preferences and match you up with those pair of Valentinos or Michael Kors. It even informs you when your favourite picks go on sale!

The Hunt

Ever chance upon a fashion piece on social media, and you just felt the urge to have it, but don’t know how? The Hunt is an app where you post an image of said item from any source and the community then jumps in to help identify that exact product or recommend similar ones and where to find them. Don’t forget to specify your size and budget for a more accurate result. Members can also exchange style advice as well as browse through tutorials and blogs to get more creative.


With access to over 11,000 fashion brands, shop online from multiple stores with just one checkout. The Lyst app also enables users to compare prices on a single platform rather than fussing with different sites so you can find the best deal at one glance. Whether it’s that ASOS jacket or Chloe dress, there’s even a function which tells you when your preferred product is back in stock or on discount.



If you love dressing up your dolls as a child, then the Polyvore app is a grown up digital version which allows you to stylise your own outfits. Share with others and also see what they’re trending too! A personalisation feature recommends other products to go with the pieces that you’ve chosen, just like an automated style consultant.



Stylebook helps you organise your actual closet on your mobile device. Use this app to create different looks, as well as optimise your shopping trips by purchasing items that would complement your existing collection. The calendar is useful for planning ahead, so you’re always well-prepared for special occasions, while the Style Stats function gives you a breakdown of cost per wear—according to how often you utilise pieces from your wardrobe.

Images Credits: Polyvore, Stylebook & Stylect