December 8, 2020

2021 may be the year of jet-setting, now that Covid-19 vaccinations are in their final stages of testing. Worried that your dusty carry-on suitcase might not hold up anymore? Perhaps it’s opportune to look for a durable yet lightweight one. Naturally, luggage brands like Rimowa will be your first pick, but there are great alternatives that sport on-trend exteriors with smart, handy features. Be it business or pleasure, here are our top picks to carry all your essentials. 

Eastpak x mastermind JAPAN Tranverz

Constructed to survive the great outdoors, Eastpak is a brand renowned for its hardy rucksacks. This collaboration sees Mastermind build on the sturdiness of Eastpak’s classic carry-on trolley using luxe materials like gunmetal and specially treated suede. Fans of Mastermind can also expect the brand’s iconic skull and crossbones logo on the front. 

Samsonite EVOA Tech Spinner

Samsonite has created the suitcase of the future, equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Designed to give travellers a peace of mind, the suitcase has fingerprint-verified locks, anti-theft zippers and a Bluetooth tracker. Frequent fliers will also appreciate the in-built weighing system, which will make checking in a breeze.

The Webster X Charles Simon Bonaventure Rolling Luggage 

The term “work of art” is often used too flippantly, but Charles Simon’s Bonaventure suitcase does live up to expectations. It’s not just form over function, as the retractable wheel mechanism allows the trolley to be easily converted into a conventional briefcase. The choice of hollowed-out maple boards and young bull leather make it impossibly light, but still highly durable and exquisite to the touch.

Monos Carry-On 

Despite being a year-old company, Monos is one to watch—producing suitcases comparable to higher-end brands at half the cost. In line with their philosophy, Monos has created the perfect carry-on to fit into any overhead bin, with a polycarbonate shell that can bear the brunt of turbulence. With an understated design and lightweight build, this is piece allows you to wander around hassle-free.

Globe-Trotter 007 Vulcanised Fibreboard Carry-On Trolley Case

What do the Queen and James Bond have in common? Apparently, both are fans of Globe-Trotter, a century-old British luggage maker. The brand’s newest collaboration comes in the form of an Ocean Green suitcase, inspired by pieces in No Time to Die. Its vulcanised fibreboard exterior and black leather accents bestow a stoic Bond-like charm that won’t be for your eyes only

Image credits: Eastpak x mastermind, Charles Simon, Monos, Globe-Trotter