November 24, 2020

Sunglasses are generally appreciated for their utility more than their value as a fashion accessory. Many of us own a pair to combat those sunny days and harmful rays, but not all face shapes are the same. Choosing the right shades can accentuate your features and leave a lasting impression. Top Gun wouldn’t be so iconic without Tom Cruise sporting aviators, if you know what I mean. Tired of run-of-the-mill sunnies? Here are five that give you the edge you are looking for.

Gentle Monster x Huawei Eyewear II

Barely a decade in, South Korean brand Gentle Monster has already taken the eyewear industry by storm, now boasting a clientele of K-pop stars and a string of successful tie-ups with the likes of Fendi and Alexander Wang. The Eyewear II, a recent collaboration with Huawei, sees Gentle Monster incorporating functionality and high-quality audio into the stylish oversized frames they are best known for. While we wouldn’t be caught dead in the dorky Google Glass, this pair might finally persuade your friends that smart glasses are not just the gadget of the month.

RetroSuperFuture Aalto

Whilst the art of sprezzatura has been overused as a fashion buzzword, this effortless ease comes through when you put on a pair of RetroSuperFuture. Simple designs like the Aalto give you more room to be creative with your outfits, like a slight touch of tortoiseshell to pair with your tie, or a splash of coloured acetate to liven up your charcoal suits. 

Karl Lagerfeld K/Concept

Arguably, no one wears sunglasses with aplomb like the late Karl Lagerfeld, the consummate tastemaker behind decades of Chanel’s signature collections. Known for his signature black sunglasses and slicked-back ponytail, the late couturiere once said, “I am like a caricature of myself, and I like that”. Channel Karl and his charming blend of “high fashion and high camp” by getting this pair.

Moscot Lemtosh

Moscot brings a refined and timeless sensitivity as a family-run business that has lasted for five generations. The Lemtosh, its most popular design, has a legion of celebrity fans—and we know why. It’s distinctive, versatile and makes you look urbane. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wearing it all the time, even indoors. 

Matsuda M3023

Still relatively under the radar, this half-decade-old Japanese eyewear brand creates intricate, handcrafted pieces that are meant to last a lifetime—a process which sometimes can take up to two years. With that lavish attention to detail, it was no wonder this iconic pair of shades was chosen as Tony Stark’s accoutrement in Iron Man 3. Although wearing it can’t quite transform you into a billionaire playboy cum philanthropist, the eye-catching gold accents of these modified aviators will make you feel like a baller. 

Image Credits: RetroSuperFuture, Gentle Monster x Huawei, Matsuda